Everything Fleet takes work seriously, but you can expect a lot of laughs along the way. Our team had a truly killer Christmas party and we’ll be talking about it for years to come!

From the moment we walked into the Brooklyn Wine and Tapas Bar (aka The Cat’s Meow Jazz Club), we were swept into a world of crime and transformed into sleuths and suspects. Imagine a swanky private party held at the Jazz Club in 1920’s New York City. This was the age of Prohibition, bootleggers and gangsters. Club owner, Felix Fontano (aka Keith) threw the party for a select group of sophisticates, artists and hoodlums. At the midpoint of the evening, Poppy, the Club Manager (aka Darla) makes a terrible discovery – someone has murdered Felix in the back supply room of the club!

In the area around the body, there are signs of a struggle, and it was up to the guests (who are now suspects) to work together to crack the case and find out what happened!   Could it be Edith, Felix’s wife (aka Karen), who is having a secret affair with the up-and-coming Broadway Producer, Edgar (aka Wade)? Or Maybe its Duke (aka Jason), an old friend of the Fontano Family and the owner of the horseracing track in New Jersey?

The Everything Fleet team was kept on their toes as we immersed ourselves into the characters, unravelling the clues, challenging and bribing anyone we could whilst trying to get to the bottom of who murdered Felix.  With such a long list of shady suspects, it was hard to know where to begin and who we could trust.

Was it –

  • Raymond (aka Humza) an old college buddy of Felix, something of a dilettante coming from old money.
  • Jefferson, the stockbroker (aka Dallas), married to Claudia (aka Fiona) a well-known author.
  • Roger Webster (aka John), a money hungry, ambulance chasing attorney.
  • Calvin (aka Rom), the cocky and presumptuous bartender. A known scoundrel with the ladies.
  • Dr Ronald Mason (aka John N), a physician who has made a lot of money during Prohibition because of his willingness to prescribe medicinal alcohol.
  • the famous actress, June (aka Elaine), a southern bell in the big city. She was also known to be having an affair with Felix but recently he turned his back on her for the younger and bubbly, Judy.
  • Judy (aka Renae) – a young and very popular flapper who is having an affair with Felix behind Edith’s back.
  • Gloria (aka Belinda), a jazz singer hired to perform tonight and someone who appears to be very friendly with the Doctor.
  • Jacqueline (aka Jeanette) a snobbish fashion designer who caters to all the young flapper types.
  • Ella (aka Inessa) a confident and flirtatious flapper – what is she hiding?
  • Bess (aka Lou) a lighthearted but serious flapper.
  • Holly (aka Ash) a professional tennis player who is very competitive and quite haughty.
  • Win Wallace (aka Tonia) the accountant for many of the guests – very reserved but highly intelligent.
  • Elliot Nash (aka Marc), a talented jazz pianist who is always cool, calm and collected – maybe he is too cool?
  • Brett (aka Arwin) a relatively new employee at the club. He is hoping to make it big on Broadway but currently waitering at the Cat’s Meow.
  • Regan or was it Rosie (aka Liliana) – a new waitress at the Club hoping to make it big on Broadway. Why does she have two names?
  • Alex (aka Ray) an actor who was once on track to stardom but alcohol has got the better of him.
  • The mystery investigator (aka Rochelle) – why is she taking notes on everything and listening in on all the conversations? Is she the 1920’s version of Private Detective Benoit Blanc from Knives Out and Glass Onion?

Alas, our sleuthing skills were put to the test until the wee hours of the night where finally the murderer was revealed. Much to the shock of some, but very obvious to others, it was the gambling, morally corrupt, power-hungry Edgar who killed Felix. When Felix found out that Edgar was sleeping with his wife and threatened to destroy his career, there was nowhere Edgar could turn, other than towards MURDER!

What a night! It was an incredible way to wind down the year and start the festive season.

A huge shout out goes to the Brooklyn Wine and Tapas Bar for planning the event and creating such a memorable occasion for the Everything Fleet team.

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