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We are committed to finding the perfect vehicle for your needs.
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Drive a Jimny without the hassle of ownership.


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Trade-in and Subscribe

Why wait? Buy now and subscribe until your vehicle arrives.


Can I cancel my subscription before my vehicle arrives at the dealership?2022-03-01T14:32:17+10:00

We believe in worry-free motoring. If you decide to cancel your subscription before your vehicle arrives at the dealership, just give us 30 days’ notice and no cancellation fees will apply.

How does Trade-in & Subscribe work?2022-03-18T03:18:28+10:00

Trying to buy a vehicle but you have to wait 6 months for it to arrive at the dealership? Our trade-in and subscribe packages have you covered. You can choose any vehicle you like and start driving immediately. Then, when your new vehicle arrives, simply return our vehicle and get behind the wheels of your own.

Interested in finding out more? Contact our team and provide us with a brief overview of your requirements. After inspection of your trade-in, we will arrange the purchase of your vehicle at an agreed price. You may choose to pay a simple monthly fee for the subscription service until your vehicle arrives or have the trade-in value applied as a credit.

Want more information?
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Don’t want to wait for your new vehicle to arrive?

We understand your frustration.

If you have been looking to purchase a new vehicle, you might be in for a rude shock as some of Australia’s favourite vehicles are unavailable for the foreseeable future. Right now a global computer chip shortage is causing extensive delays and there is concern within the industry, that this issue might not be resolved for quite some time forcing manufactures to halt production and slash exports to Australia.

With Everything Subscription, a division of Everything Fleet, we make everything as simple as possible. Join today and if your circumstances change, as long as the minimal term has been met, you can simply pause your subscription and return the vehicle with no extra charge. We’ll take care of everything for you – registration, stamp duty, servicing, insurance and roadside assistance. Experience the convenience and flexibility of Subscription, without the hassle of wait times or the inflated prices.


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