Pick A Colour, Any Colour!

Drive a Jimny without the hassle of ownership.


A lease is essentially a long-term rental agreement of 12 months or more, offering exclusive use of a vehicle for a set period and a fixed monthly price.

Leasing is a cost-effective alternative to vehicle ownership that suits your individual or business situation. Vehicles are a huge expense and if not purchased, financed or insured correctly they can end up costing you a lot of money unnecessarily.


Everything Leasing is a subsidiary of Everything Fleet, an Australian owned and operated company with over 32 years’ experience in delivering flexible mobility solutions.

Formerly, the second largest Thrifty Car Rental franchisee, Jonday Holdings has had long-term partnerships with major mining organizations as well as film, rail, construction, telecommunication and government agencies. We tailor our products and services to adapt to your individual needs and go the extra mile to ensure you are always taken care of.


We have packages to suit your budget. At the end of the lease, you can extend, upgrade, return or pay the residual value and take ownership of the vehicle.

Vehicle Range

We have vehicles to accommodate varying requirements. This includes passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, 4WDs, buses and mine spec.


From one vehicle to an entire fleet, we can arrange a custom package with competitive fleet pricing.

Vehicle Maintenance

We carry out all the scheduled services. This includes tyres, batteries, windscreens and any replacement vehicles.

Kilometres & Registration

The vehicle is registered and you can upgrade or downgrade your kilometre plan any time.

Traffic Infringements

We administer all infringements incurred.

In-Vehicle Monitoring

Accurate real-time data.
Will improve the vehicle’s efficiency, keep you safe and save you money.

Roadside Assistance

We provide 24/7 support.


A variety of protection covers are available.

Vehicle Lifecycle Management

We manage the entire lifecycle from acquisition, delivery, replacement, disposal to return.


Depending on your circumstances, Everything Leasing could be a great option for your next vehicle.

We start by identifying your vehicle requirements (no matter how complex they may be), and help navigate the best finance solution so that you are driving your vehicle/s for less. Our payments are easy to understand so you know exactly what is included and what’s not. Even better – there are no activation or membership fees. Don’t know what you want? Contact our team so we can begin tailoring a solution to your needs.


No capital outlay and no residual risk Servicing and maintenance is taken care of
The vehicle comes with as many or as little services and products as you require Registration, CTP insurance and roadside assistance is included
Cost certainty with lower monthly payments There are wide ranging tax benefits
Tailored financial solutions for each and every customer Easy to upgrade to the highest quality vehicles in the market, every few years