How do I subscribe?2022-10-19T14:27:18+10:00

To become a member you need to create an account. This can be done from the comfort of your own home. You will need your driver’s license, credit card and bank details. We will then verify your information and check your driving history and take it from there.

Basic criteria that will need to be met:

  • 100 points of ID;
  • A valid Australian (P2 or above) or equivalent international driver’s license that has not been cancelled or suspended in the past 3 years;
  • Be at least 18 years old and not over 75 years old;
  • Have at least 12 months driving experience;
  • Not use any subscription vehicle for the purpose of operating a ridesharing service;
  • Not have had any criminal, alcohol or drug driving convictions in the last 5 years;
  • Have not been bankrupt at any point in the last 7 years.
What is the Subscription Fee?2022-03-11T03:31:33+10:00

There is a fee required for all subscription services payable at the commencement of each subscription. This fee is payable annually upon your anniversary.

This fee covers the costs of creating your profile, verifying your identity, procuring the vehicle, cleaning and detailing, comprehensive service and safety checks as well as setting the vehicle up to deliver on our subscription service.

What is the minimum subscription period?2022-03-08T03:07:42+10:00

A minimum period depends on the subscription plan you choose. Check the details of your plan to see what applies to you.

What does my subscription cover?2022-03-18T04:54:35+10:00

All plans include the running costs of the vehicle including registration, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance, servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance. You will need to pay for fuel, tolls and kilometres travelled above the perimeters of the plan you have chosen.

Additional charges which may apply to your Subscription are based on your chosen Plan and the
optional extras included in the Contract at the time of subscribing. These could include:

(a) the Damage Liability Fee, plus Single Vehicle Accident Fee if applicable, if there is Damage or Third Party Loss as a result of an Accident or the Vehicle is stolen;

(b) any amount payable to MFA for eFleetPass Service (tolls);

(c) any costs We incur, including:

(i) refuelling costs; and
(ii) extra cleaning costs;

(d) for all Damage arising from a Major Breach of The Contract;

(e) for all Overhead and Pantech Body Damage;

(f) for all Underbody Damage; and

(g) for any Damage caused by the immersion of the Vehicle in water.

Please refer to the Subscription Plan and our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.

How is subscribing different to a lease?2022-05-12T13:27:31+10:00

Generally, in a lease agreement, expenses such as maintenance, repairs, and insurance are borne by the lessee. When you subscribe with Everything Fleet, these expenses are included in the one fortnightly or monthly payment. Furthermore, there are no long-term commitments/contracts and no balloon payments and you can swap and even return your vehicle as your lifestyle changes.

How is subscribing different to a vehicle ownership?2022-05-12T13:25:52+10:00

Many individuals find the conventional vehicle-buying experience to be a hassle. They dislike the sales pressure. The purchasing process itself is slow and complex, and involves a lot of paperwork, especially the financial portion. Price transparency is often lacking.  Subscription exists to give you access to a vehicle in the quickest and easiest way possible. There is no need for a large deposit or long-term financial loans, just a minimum subscription period and one fortnightly or monthly payment.

Even individuals who are still dependent on a vehicle on a daily basis are increasingly preferring an alternative to traditional vehicle ownership. With subscription you can swap or return your vehicle each month based on your lifestyle and/or financial needs.

Want to cut down on the long waiting times for a new vehicle? With subscription you don’t have to wait. You can take most of our models home today and enjoy them straight away.

How is subscribing different to vehicle rental?2022-02-23T03:04:18+10:00

Subscription provides you with a wide range of vehicles so you always have a ride that suits your vibe. It provides you with more choice and the advantage of long-term vehicle rentals prices. Are you going on a road trip, or a family vacation? Simply access our garage and we will swap your current vehicle for one that fits your future plans and lifestyle. Choose from new luxury vehicles to quality used cars to cater to your budget.

What subscription plans are available?2022-03-09T05:52:18+10:00

We offer a variety of plans and payment options that are simple, easy and flexible. The plan you choose will be determined by the level of freedom and flexibility you want; we have many different vehicles for all your lifestyle needs.

I have a question that isn’t covered here.2022-02-23T03:04:35+10:00

Contact one of our team members or fill out the online enquiry form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How much notice is required to swap the vehicle?2022-02-23T03:04:42+10:00

Please give us at least one week’s notice before the renewal date if you would like to switch vehicles for the following month.

We ask for at least two business days to coordinate the vehicle swap however will do our best to accommodate you on shorter notice.

How often can I swap/upgrade the vehicle?2022-03-20T11:16:52+10:00

We have a huge array of vehicles for you. The number of times you can swap your vehicle to a different make/model depends upon your subscription plan.

Check the details of your plan to see what applies to you.

Note; additional fees may apply if you are swapping between vehicle classes/categories. Eg; swapping from a small hatch to a prestige SUV.

When is payment required?2022-05-05T14:21:17+10:00

Your first payment will be charged on the day of collection.

You can choose to pay your recurring subscription fees via a credit card or through banking direct debit. This can be paid in fortnightly or monthly billing cycles. To change your payment method, simply contact one of our team members.

Cash is acceptable, if approved by Us.

Always ensure funds are available for your subscription. Late fees apply if you miss a payment and your subscription falls in arrears.

Note, all the major credit cards are acceptable providing they have the Visa/MasterCard emblem/logo on them. Payments are subject to a credit card surcharge fee to cover merchant costs. The credit card fee will be debited to your credit card when processing payment.

How can I cancel my subscription?2022-05-27T09:31:54+10:00

If you would like to cancel your subscription, contact a team member who will run through the details that are outlined in your contract.

Can anyone else drive the vehicle?2022-03-18T03:21:06+10:00

You can add 4 additional nominated drivers to your subscription for a small fee per month as long as they meet the same eligibility criteria.

Nominated drivers MUST be added to the subscription before driving the vehicle.

Can I add more kilometres to my plan?2022-02-23T03:05:23+10:00

If you think you are going to need to drive more kilometres, you can upgrade your plan at any time.

When do I pay for the extra kilometres?2022-03-18T04:53:37+10:00

The kilometres driven are only taken into consideration when you return the vehicle. We know that some months you might drive a little more because of holidays for example whereas during other months you might hardly use your vehicle.

Extra kilometres are charged when the vehicle is exchanged/swapped or at the end of the subscription (whichever comes first).

How do I receive my vehicle?2022-02-23T03:05:34+10:00

Once your reservation has been entered into our system, one of our team members will be in touch with you to confirm the pick-up location or delivery details. The individual who is the main subscriber will need to collect the vehicle.

Do you deliver?2022-03-18T04:53:07+10:00

We will deliver your vehicle to your desired destination within a kilometre radius.

If you would like us to deliver the vehicle outside this radius, contact our team for pricing.

How do I return the vehicle?2022-03-18T03:26:53+10:00

You can return the vehicle back to one of our locations.

Together, with one of our team members, an inspection of the vehicle will be conducted to ensure it is in the same condition as when it was collected and there are no damages or excess cleaning required that will reduce the value of the vehicle. At this time, we will let you know if you have to pay any treatment or repair costs.

In general, we recommend that you clean the vehicle or have it cleaned before returning it.

How long can I keep the vehicle?2022-02-23T03:05:49+10:00

Subscription is a flexible, long-term alternative to vehicle ownership so you can keep it for as long as you need it.

Can I return the vehicle to a different location or different state?2022-02-23T03:05:54+10:00

Check with our team members to see if this is possible.

What do I do if I damage the vehicle?2022-03-20T11:14:08+10:00

The specific of your Damage Liability Fee that is applicable to you is based on your chosen Plan and the optional extras included in the Contract at the time of subscribing. Check the details to see what applies to you.

A replacement vehicle will be provided to you if your vehicle sustains damage. This vehicle may not be the same make and model but it will be as close to your original vehicle as possible.

Fair wear and tear will not be charged to you. Any damage above this however, will be your responsibility.

Is Service, Maintenance and Repairs included?2022-03-18T04:45:33+10:00

Routine servicing and maintenance is included. From time to time we may need to ask for the vehicle back to carry out service requirements or to change the vehicle over – in which case we will supply you with a courtesy vehicle which may not be the same make and model.

If something unexpected should happen – simply notify one of our team members and we will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Is vehicle wash included?2022-03-16T23:34:08+10:00

Drive a clean vehicle every day.

Most of our Subscription Plans offer free vehicle washes, available at our Gold Coast and Southport locations. Appointments are necessary. You will be required to wait while the service is performed. If you would like additional washes, talk to our team.

Check the specific details of your Plan to see how many times your vehicle is eligible to be washed.

Roadside Assistance?2022-04-29T10:40:46+10:00

Everything Fleet uses Digicall as its roadside service provider.

Every subscription has access to roadside assistance 24/7 every day of the year. In the event of a breakdown or issue with the vehicle, call 07 3156 8000 and quote your number plate and they will deal with you directly.

Tyre Maintenance
Digicall will carry out breakdown related problems including inflation of a flat tyre and replacement of a flat tyre with the vehicle’s serviceable spare.

You will be responsible for any costs incurred in the provision of a replacement tyre or puncture service.

Minor Roadside Repairs
Digicall will carry out minor breakdown related repairs where it is possible and safe to do so at the roadside. However, if major parts or factory diagnostic equipment are required, the vehicle will be transported to the nearest Authorised Repairer within the towing limits.

Technical Advice
Advice will be provided in relation to the vehicle operation, any safety warnings or lights that may appear or technical and mechanical information regarding the vehicle.

Battery and Parts Replacement
Digicall will arrange for the supply and fitment of emergency parts to effect mobilisation of a breakdown repair in the event that an Authorised Repairer is not open or within close proximity of the breakdown.

You will be responsible for all parts and repair costs incurred in the provision of this service. This may include, but is not limited to, batteries, hoses, electrical components, etc.

Emergency Fuel
Digicall will arrange for either the delivery of an emergency supply of fuel where able to and where government regulations permit or transport the vehicle to the nearest refuelling station within the maximum towing limits.

You will be responsible for the cost of any fuel supplied in excess of ten (10) litres in the provision of this service.

Lost Keys, Locksmith Service or Courier Service
Where the key has been lost or stolen, or has been locked inside the vehicle, Digicall will either arrange for the spare key to be delivered, arrange for the subscriber to retrieve the spare key, or arrange for a locksmith to attend.

You will be responsible for any costs including delivery, locksmith or replacement keys.

ln the event the vehicle is immobilised or is not safe to drive, Digicall will transport it to the nearest Authorised Repairer or to Everything Fleet’s preferred repairer within 20kms in a metro area and within 100 kilometres to the nearest repairer in a rural location.

Any additional towing beyond what is provided above, will be the subscriber’s responsibility.

How do I manage tolls?2022-02-23T03:06:18+10:00

The registration number of the vehicle will be allocated to your subscription account. We will charge the toll, a number plate recognition fee and a processing fee against your account.

What happens if I receive a speeding ticket or parking ticket while driving?2022-05-03T11:29:45+10:00

You and any Authorised Driver must pay all speeding, traffic fines and infringements as well as any fines or charges imposed for parking or using the Vehicle release of the Vehicle if it has been seized by a regulatory authority.

An administrative fee applies if We are required to nominate You as the responsible driver if any infringement is unpaid.

Is fuel included in the monthly subscription fee?2022-02-23T03:06:27+10:00

All vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel. You need to pay for the fuel as you use the vehicle.

Do I need to refuel the vehicle before returning?2022-02-23T03:06:31+10:00

Yes. However, if you do not re-fuel, we will charge a fixed rate per litre which will be charged to your monthly fee.

Can the vehicle go off road?2022-02-23T03:06:35+10:00

Our vehicles are not permitted to go off road unless specifically allowed in your agreement.

Are pets allowed?2022-03-08T03:33:09+10:00

No pets are allowed in our vehicles unless specifically approved by Us. Additional cleaning fees apply if there are traces of pets.

Is smoking permitted?2022-02-23T03:01:50+10:00

Smoking is not allowed. Additional cleaning fees apply if there are traces of smoking.

Can I provide rideshare services?2022-02-23T03:01:44+10:00

Our vehicles cannot be used for ride-sharing services.

What happens when the vehicle is due for service or preventive maintenance?2022-05-27T09:28:05+10:00
What’s the difference between a new, demo and used vehicle?2022-03-18T04:52:42+10:00
  • New – a showroom quality vehicle which has had no previous rental or subscription use.
  • Demo – a near new vehicle with low kilometres.
  • Used – a quality used vehicle that has been used on previous rental or subscriptions.
What is a Corporate Account? How do I set one up?2022-03-16T03:11:41+10:00

We understand that every business has different needs.

A Corporate Account includes:

  • A dedicated priority reservation line for enquiries
  • A personalised account manager to support all your vehicle subscription needs
  • Competitive Rate Plans
  • Credit card and Trading Accounts are available for payment terms
  • Detailed monthly reports

Contact Us and one of our team members will discuss your needs.

Can you guarantee the make and model of the vehicle?2022-03-16T03:16:14+10:00

We guarantee the make or model of the vehicle.

Can you guarantee a specific colour vehicle?2022-03-16T03:11:47+10:00

Contact our team and we will try to accommodate you where possible.

Can I tow a vehicle?2022-03-18T03:33:48+10:00

If the vehicle comes with a tow bar, you may do so, following manufactures guidelines for that vehicle class.

Note, the insurance cover for the vehicle does not extend to the item being towed.

I have to self-isolate due to Covid. This will prevent me from collecting my vehicle – what do I do?2022-03-16T03:11:53+10:00

Contact our team and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

How do I pay for my vehicle?2022-03-18T03:34:52+10:00

You can choose to pay using a credit card or through banking direct debit on a fortnightly billing cycle.

Cash is also acceptable, if approved by Us.

Is a deposit required when collecting the vehicle?2022-03-16T03:11:58+10:00

When collecting your vehicle, in addition to paying for your subscription, we require a deposit (as security) to cover any additional charges such as fuel, additional kilometres, and the Damage Liability Fee.

Deposits range in value depending on the vehicle type. This charge will be taken and released upon return of the vehicle in alignment with the Terms and Conditions of your Contract.

Refund into your account may take 3-5 business days of bank processing time to become available.

Can I use a credit card and will there be any additional charges?2022-03-16T03:17:32+10:00

All the major credit cards are acceptable providing they have the Visa/MasterCard emblem/logo on them.

Payments are subject to a credit card surcharge fee to cover merchant costs.

The credit card fee will be debited to your credit card when processing payment.

Can I use a credit card up-front and then pay for the vehicle with cash later?2022-03-16T03:17:54+10:00

We accept payment by cash if approved by Us.

Are there any additional charges to the Subscription Plan?2022-03-16T03:12:28+10:00

You will need to pay for your day-to-day fuel, tolls and kilometres travelled above the perimeters of the Plan you have chosen.

Additional charges to these aforementioned charges, vary depending on the chosen Plan and the optional extras included in the Contract at the time of subscribing. Refer to ‘what does my subscription cover’ in the FAQs and our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.

Fees also apply when paying by credit card, to cover merchant fees.

What currency can I pay in?2022-03-16T03:18:11+10:00

All charges and refunds amounts will be in AUD ($).

I require a tax invoice for the vehicle I had – how can I obtain this?2022-03-16T03:12:05+10:00

You should contact our team and we will provide this to you.

What is an Infringement?2022-03-18T03:36:36+10:00
  • An infringement is incurred when the Australian road rules are not adhered to.
  • An infringement can be issued for speeding, red light cameras, driving in a marked bus/transit lane, failing to adhere to warning lights and bells on a railway crossing, failure to adhere to line markings on the road, littering.
  • Infringements can also be issued for parking offences – failure to purchase a parking pass/ticket, exceeding the time limit, not parking in the direction of traffic, disobeying no stopping sign/clearway, parking on nature strip.

An administrative fee applies if We are required to nominate You as the responsible driver if any infringement is unpaid.

Can I take the vehicle out of the state?2022-03-16T03:18:45+10:00

Refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details and confirm with our team, if you have any questions.

Is Damage Cover included in the price of the vehicle?2022-05-10T12:06:34+10:00
  • All subscriptions include Third-Party Cover (CTP) at no additional cost. If your vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged you are liable for the excess amount outlined in the Terms and Conditions under ‘included/standard cover’.
  • You may choose to purchase additional ‘protection options’ to reduce the standard Damage Liability Fee.
  • Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) fees may also apply depending on protection options purchased.
  • Some exclusions to damage cover apply. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more specific information.
Can I reduce my liability?2022-03-15T03:36:05+10:00

We offer optional covers in your Subscription Plan.

These can be purchased for an additional cost to reduce the applicable Damage Liability Fee from the included/standard to the reduced amount.

For details and exclusions, refer to the Terms and Conditions of your Contract.

What is a Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) Fee?2022-03-15T03:37:05+10:00
  • A SVA is an accident that does not involve another vehicle other than a parked vehicle, or if involved with another vehicle, the other vehicle or it’s driver has not been identified to you at the time of incident or at the time of the incident, your vehicle was driving in reverse and the other motor vehicle was stationary.
  • The applicable SVA fee is noted on your Contract when collecting and signing for your vehicle. The SVA fee is charged in addition to the Damage Liability Fee for each separate incident.
  • The SVA fee can vary when travelling remotely in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details and confirm with our team, prior to travelling to these areas.
Do I need to pay a Damage Liability Fee if I get involved in an accident/incident?2022-03-16T01:29:29+10:00
  • If there is damage, theft of the vehicle or Third-Party Loss for each separate accident or theft, you must pay up to the Damage Liability Fee shown in the Contract unless you have paid for our additional protection options.
  • We may make a reasonable estimate of Damage or on completion of an Assessment debit your credit card the estimated amount up to, but not exceeding, the Damage Liability Fee and SVA.
If I am involved in a Third-Party party accident, will I get a refund of the Damage Liability Fee if I am not at fault?2022-03-15T03:38:58+10:00
  • If you’re involved in a Third-Party claim, we usually take payment for your Damage Liability Fee.
  • If you’ve assisted us with the claim as per our Terms and Conditions, and we are able to recover this from the Third-Party or their insurer, we will refund you either fully or part thereof, depending on how much we have recovered from the Third-Party.
What do I do if I have an accident?2022-03-16T01:30:34+10:00

If you are involved in an accident let your team know and if necessary, call Roadside Assistance, the police in case of Third-Party liability and emergency services if anyone is injured.


    • Do not leave the vehicle without making sure it is safe.
    • Write down names and addresses of all people involved and any witnesses. Never admit liability.
    • You must let us know within 24 hours of any damage or incident as per our Terms and Conditions.
    • All vehicle repairs must be conducted with the formal approval of our team upon notifying them.
What if I break down or need help?2022-03-15T03:46:59+10:00
  • Call our Roadside Assistance number – we provide access to Roadside Assistance for all customers.
  • If your breakdown is caused by vehicle malfunction, we’ll cover the costs, even if the vehicle needs to be towed.
I’ve noticed damage on the vehicle after I’ve left the location – what do I do?2022-03-15T03:51:15+10:00

You have 1 hour after vehicle pickup from our location to let us know if we’ve both missed anything upon pick-up.

We recommend taking photos in-case we need more information.

Damage caused by an Animal2022-03-15T03:52:01+10:00

Any damage sustained to a vehicle as a result of a collision with an animal in remote areas between sunset and sunrise are not covered under any of the Damage Protection Options.

All damages and recovery costs are the responsibility of the subscriber.

Overhead, Undercarriage or Water Damage2022-03-15T03:52:47+10:00

Any damage to overhead, under-carriage, or damage caused by water is not covered by any damage liabilities and are the responsibility of the subscriber.

Unauthorised Entry into Lands2022-03-15T03:54:14+10:00

Unauthorised entry into aboriginal lands, or breach of any permit regulations result in breach of the standard Terms and Conditions is not covered by any damage protection options (including the included/standard cover).

I have questions about a vehicle that isn’t listed – how do I find the information?2022-03-16T01:15:41+10:00

If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please contact our team.

What makes your vehicle subscription different to other providers?2022-05-23T10:54:49+10:00
  • Unlike other vehicle subscription providers, we own the vehicles you subscribe to. This will ensure a transparent and effortless transaction.
  • We operate one of the most extensive fleet ranges in the industry encompassing passenger vehicles, utes, vans, trucks, buses, 4WDs and specialty vehicles (i.e. crane, service and water trucks).
  • We carry a large array of all brands, makes and models. You aren’t limited to a single brand.
  • The age of our fleet ensures you are always driving highly presentable new models, with up-to-date safety and convenience features. Our passenger vehicles are the newest available and held on average for around six (6) months.  Our light commercial vehicles are held on average for no longer than 12 months. Our vehicles will always have low kilometres.
  • We specialize in planning, designing and delivering vehicles built-to-order and tailored to our commercial clients’ specific needs.
  • We are not a franchise model. We are not an online vehicle marketplace, nor are we a Vehicle Manufacturer – our subscription service is therefore not overly complicated with numerous players involved in the transaction.
  • We offer value and a seamless worry-free service. We have been in the hire business for 30+ years and have extensive experience in Fleet Management.
  • We are 100% Australian owned, run by Aussies for Aussies. We keep our profits in Australia, supporting the local economy.
What are the tax benefits of subscribing a vehicle?2022-03-18T07:58:34+10:00

All individual and business situations are different and we recommend you seek independent financial advice about your specific circumstances.

Subscription for Businesses2022-03-20T10:35:26+10:00

A vehicle subscription enables businesses to quickly adjust their fleet size based on demand and nimbly react to changing business conditions.

Rather than lease, which generally is for periods of two to four years, subscription offers more flexibility in their duration, even for periods as short as months.

In view of today’s uncertainties, why lock yourself into a long-term financial commitment which is difficult to get out of and comes with severe cancellation fees? Subscription gives you the ability to have the fleet your business wants that’s right for the purpose right now without the residual value risk that comes with ownership or leasing.

Repossession Fees2022-03-20T21:45:03+10:00

A repossession fee applies where we have to repossess the vehicle for any reason.

The repossession fee includes the agent, towing, transport storage and administration fees.

The typical fee imposed would be $1,000 plus.

Refundable Security Deposit2022-03-20T21:50:53+10:00

All Subscription Plan require a security deposit which is held as collateral against the vehicle for the duration of the subscription. The deposit may be used to recover cost incurred by Everything Fleet such as returning the vehicle to its original condition.

The deposit ranges from $500.00 to $2,500.00 and is dependent on the results of an assessment performed during the booking process and the make/model of the vehicle you have chosen. This process includes a credit assessment, identity verification, fraud detection and any documentation we may request from you to determine eligibility

Can I return the vehicle early?2022-03-21T02:01:49+10:00

If you return the vehicle prior to the expiration of the minimum term of your subscription plan there will be no refunds provided and you will be charged the remaining term.

What if I miss a payment?2022-03-20T22:02:09+10:00

You should always ensure funds are available. Late fees apply if you miss a payment cycle.

If your subscription falls into arrears, you may be requested to return the vehicle.

Who owns the vehicle?2022-09-29T15:28:04+10:00

Jonday Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Everything Fleet and/or Everything Fleet Pty Ltd own all the vehicles that are available for subscription. We are also responsible for the registration, damage and maintenance of your vehicle.

Who is Jonday / Jonday Holdings?2022-07-04T09:06:13+10:00

Established over 30 years ago under the umbrella of Thrifty Car Rentals and re-established in 2021 as Everything Fleet, our company proudly acknowledges its history and heritage and the reputation it built for outstanding customer service and integrity.

Over the past several months we have been working hard on the evolution of our company. We’re excited to unveil to you our new name, new logo and new website as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. While this is a significant change, we want you to know, our core beliefs and outstanding customer service has not changed. We welcome you to join us on our rebranding journey as we reintroduce ourselves and begin paving the way towards a whole new mobility experience – for our clients, our community and for ourselves.

We fully embrace the fact we’re different – because it’s made us better.

What is Fair Wear and Tear?2022-05-05T22:21:46+10:00

There is a certain level of damage to a vehicle that is considered to be fair wear and tear as a result of ongoing use. This is treated differently to damage that is caused by yourself, which you will be held responsible for. The distinction between reasonable fair wear and tear and unacceptable damage is clearly outlined in our Fair Wear and Tear Guide.

There is a clear distinction between Fair Wear and  Tear and unacceptable damage.
Damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence is never fair wear and tear and is excluded from your damage cover.

You should always refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Contract for a full understanding of the exclusions that apply.

We have a range of optional protection packages available for those who wish to reduce their excess in the event of an accident or damage to their vehicle.

I have filled my vehicle with the wrong fuel. What do I do?2022-05-16T09:09:41+10:00

Call the Roadside Assistance number to have the vehicle towed, do not continue to attempt to drive the vehicle.

The full Damage Liability Fee will be payable. Fuelling with incorrect fuel is classed as negligence, therefore, protection options will not cover for this kind of damage.

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