Enjoy driving the latest models? Simply need more flexible vehicle requirements?
With Everything Fleet you don’t have to wait for your vehicle to arrive.
You can take most of our models home today and enjoy them straight away.



Vehicle subscription is all about flexibility, control and affordability.

If you have ever paid to watch a movie using Netflix, the concept will be easy to understand. Similarly, you use a vehicle for a period of time and the price you pay to subscribe includes all the costs you don’t want to have to deal with when you own a vehicle – servicing, insurance, roadside assistance, registration and depreciation.

Whether you need a city friendly vehicle or something bigger to fit your commercial needs or maybe an electric vehicle to try before you buy – we have the plan for you.

Don’t need a vehicle anymore? Simply return it and cancel your subscription without having to worry about the fuss of selling. Alternatively, you may decide to own one car and have another one on subscription so it gives your family the flexibility to only spend the money when you need to. It is an all-inclusive package that makes your life easier.


With Everything Subscription, you will enjoy having a garage of vehicles at your disposal.

You can enjoy the freedom of a wide array of vehicles that gives you more consistency than car share.

All on-road costs included No large down payment, loans, long-term commitments or unexpected costs
Continue using the vehicle or return it anytime Spend less time pacing through dealerships trying to find the right vehicle
Complete flexibility to adapt the vehicle to your lifestyle and financial needs For one monthly payment, we provide you with the benefits of vehicle ownership, without the headaches


An alternative to leasing and buying. We are able to source vehicles in an efficient way and pass the savings onto you.

Vehicle Swap Options

Ensure your vehicle  always suits your lifestyle.

Variety of Plans

Upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Flexible Cancellation

No lock-in contracts.

Simple Payment Options

Payments occur on an agreed basis. When your term is almost finished, we’ll be in touch to see what you want next.

Additional Driver

We have a variety of options for drivers.

Immediate Availability

You will have access to the vehicle after you have signed up.

Vehicle Delivery

Options are available to suit your requirements.


Save time – it’s already registered.

Servicing & Maintenance

All costs are included in the rate.

Vehicle Wash

Keep your vehicle clean with our washes.


No need for e-tags. We manage your toll invoicing.


Pay for your fuel; everything else is taken care of.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

For peace of mind.

Comprehensive Insurance

Available for yourself and any additional drivers.