Tail Gate
Hydraulic Lift



  1. Improper operation of the tailgate can result in serious personal injury. Do not operate unless you have been properly instructed and have read and are familiar with the operation instructions.
  2. Be certain the vehicle is properly and securely braked before using the tailgate.
  3. Always inspect the tailgate for maintenance or damage before using it. If there are signs of improper maintenance, damage to vital parts or slippery platform surface, do not use the tailgate. Do not attempt your own repairs.
  4. Do not overload. Observe safe working load signs. Remember that this limit applies to both raising and lowering operations.
  5. Each load should be placed in a stable position as near as possible to the centre of the platform.
  6. Never stand in or move through or allow anyone else to stand in or move through the area.
  7. This is not a passenger lift. Do not ride the tailgate with unstable loads or in such a manner a failure would endanger you.
  8. This tailgate is fitted with a safety valve to prevent rapid falling of the platform, in the event of hydraulic failure.

Operating the Tailgate/Platform/ Hydraulic Lift

  1. Stand clear of tailgate at all times.
  2. Insert remote control or use controls on power pack.
  3. Turn the isolating switch to the ON position.
  4. Open the rear doors of truck.
  5. Release the safety chains.
  6. Press the DOWN button until the tailgate is approximately 100mm off the ground.
  7. Swing the folded tailgate down from under the truck into a horizontal position
    (do not let it fall as damage or injury could result).
  8. Lift and swing the folded end sections into a horizontal position in line with the other half of the platform.
  9. Platform is now ready to operate.
  11. Frequent use of the hydraulic lift will drain the battery of the truck. If using the platform more than 6 times between drives, start the vehicle’s engine and keep running until use of the lift is no longer required. Ensure the handbrake is engaged and the vehicle is in Park. Do not leave the vehicle unattended with the engine running.

Stowing the Tuk-a-Way Tailgate

  1. Position platform horizontally approximately 800mm above the ground. In this position operator is to swing ramp end of the outer platform so it rests on the inner platform.
  2. With controller or control panel press the DOWN button and lower the folded tailgate until it is just above the ground.
  3. Operator to swing platform against the helper arm ready to stow away.
  4. Once against helper arm, press the RAISE button and the two folded platform sections will raise and fold away.
  5. Operator must always observe this folding action to prevent the tailgate colliding with the underside of the body.

Upon Completion of the Tuk-a-Way Process

  1. The safety chains are to be connected.
  2. The isolating switch is to be turned to the OFF position.
  3. The remote controller to be unplugged and stowed in the driver’s compartment.

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