Many individuals probably would not think twice about a long-haul car transporter passing them on the highway, but that very truck could be delivering vehicles to our clients in the mining, gas, oil or construction industries which form the economic backbone of the Australian economy.

Our team of Truckers at Everything Fleet work tirelessly, 365 days a year during all hours of the day and night. These guys spend their lives navigating a 19-meter-long truck weighing 32 Tonne while balancing the need to consume caffeine but limit their bathroom breaks!

Outlined below, are some short introductions to some of these hard-working guys:

Simon is the proud father of Jackson, a budding paramedic and husband to Helen, an executive  extraordinaire. He was born in NZ and moved to Australia in his early 20’s. In his former life, he worked as a Highrise Manager, Building Supervisor and a Personal Trainer. Today, he drives everywhere all over Australia for Everything Fleet as well as for the underground gold mining industry.

John B is a quintessential Aussie bloke. An old timer of the Everything Fleet team, he has made us laugh contagiously (while we try hard to keep a straight face) as well as bringing a depth of knowledge that only a long hauler would know.

Next up is our team of Ferry Drivers who ensure the fleet is in the right place at the right time, locally as well as interstate.  Being able to drive anything from a 9T truck to a 12-seater van to a mine spec ute or a Suzuki Celerio — this team must truly love to drive. As the hours pass and the country towns fade,  all that remains is the loneliness of the road and the constant watch for the endless wildlife – kangaroos, emus, echidnas, wallabies, camels and wandering goats! It’s definitely a job for those who live by the motto ‘time is money’ and have the physical endurance to start alert.

Outlined below, are some short introductions and a few words about what our team love about their life and/or their jobs:

Lucky is 81 years young and still looks forward to work each day. He is a proud father of two, grandfather of three, and great-grandfather of three more! Family is exceptionally important to Lucky along with his heritage. He migrated to Australia from Thessaloniki, Greece in 1960 and loves living on the Gold Coast, with his beautiful wife.

Lucky has worked with Jonday for seven years. Even at this stage of life, he is always excited to learn new things. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? He has always been passionate about the transport industry and loves driving different cars, trucks, buses – you name it!

Lucky’s favourite trip would have to be driving a truck from Brisbane to Kalgoorlie in WA, when Keith called to adjust the destination “a bit further up the road”. In reality, it was an extra four hours away to Laverton and the whole trip took over six days! Another great example of seeing the countryside and all of the amazing people he meets along the way, was when Lucky recently drove a nine tonne truck packed to the brim with furniture for the victims of the devastating floods in Lismore, entirely complimentary of Everything Fleet.

John N. has lived in various locations from the remote jungle in Papua New Guinea to Amsterdam, Sydney and Newcastle before settling on the Gold Coast. He is a qualified Physical Education and Maths teacher who left teaching to start his own Sports Photography Company, Action in Focus Photography, about 20 years ago and has covered many sports from junior events to international competitions.

Covid and the stoppage of all sport in the world for nine months meant he had to change direction and that’s how Everything Fleet got the privilege to work with John!

While still photographing at sporting events that were available, he took on a role of delivering trucks across Australia to help out a friend and enjoyed the variety of driving so many different types of trucks and seeing new places across Australia. When an opportunity came up recently to work with Everything Fleet delivering their vehicles to Nyngan, Broken Hill and Sydney he jumped at the chance.

John loves all sport, hard not to when you own a sports photography company, but he especially likes rugby and basketball. He cycles regularly and is often found on the water on his ocean ski, surfing or underwater scuba diving. Diving with bull sharks and tiger sharks in Fiji and Great Whites off South Australia were absolute highlights as was travelling and working on a nature documentary for the BBC for several months.

Leigh has a wide and varied employment history. From being an Firefighter, to working with Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, Southern Cross Care and Lismore Base Hospital, she has been taking care of people and doing things that genuinely makes a difference to others, all of her life! Originally from Northern NSW, Leigh only recently moved to the Gold Coast. She enjoys the sunshine and outdoors, being creative, and the concepts of self-improvement, personal growth and animals, especially dogs. Her motto ‘life is too short to be unhappy’ keeps Leigh focused on all the things she loves – metal detecting,  travelling and going to the beach! Check out her custom toy- making business ‘Season Forty Four’  – we know someone at Everything Fleet who would adore that cute green tree frog!

Leigh’s unforgettable Ferry trip was an extremely long one! Starting from the Gold Coast QLD and taking her all the way to Leonora WA, she successfully delivered a truck and equipment to a mining site whilst travelling across the Nullarbor and seeing the Great Australian Bight among other things. She said it was stunningly beautiful even though the temperature was soaring over 50 degrees!

Ray was born and bred in Brisbane and is a very proud Queenslander (Go Maroons!). Starting in the hospitality supply industry in 1979 in the warehouse, he made his way into external sales in 1982. This is where he spent the next 39 years in many and varied roles. In 2022, Ray stepped back from all of this for a breather and now we are lucky enough to have him driving for Everything Fleet. Ray has been married to his childhood sweetheart for 38 years. They have two daughters and one adorable grandson and have travelled extensively throughout the world, including – Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, Fiji, Phuket, Bali, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Texas, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii. Away from the day-to-day grind, Ray plays Masters Hockey. He has travelled to many parts of Australia  representing QLD at the National Championships and will do so on the Gold Coast in late Sept/Early October!

Do you have any questions for our transportation team? Maybe you need a sports photographer or a custom toy for a special occasion – you can email us at and we can help you get in touch with this talented bunch of individuals.