Swapping your car for something new is one of the most exciting parts of Everything Fleet’s subscription service. Subscription is all about giving you the freedom and flexibility to switch up what you drive. There is no limit to the number of times you can swap your car or when you do it.

We understand this may be a new idea and an unfamiliar process, so we’re giving you the ultimate guide to swapping your car.

Why would I want to swap my car?

Unlike a standard car lease, Everything Fleet’s subscription gives you the freedom to change the car you drive, should you wish to. You can select from the newest hybrid cars with the latest technology, or simply pick and choose between models until you find the perfect fit. You are in control!

Am I eligible to swap my car?

To be eligible for a swap, you just need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have an active subscription
  • Be the main driver on your subscription
  • Meet our age criteria for the new car
  • Not have any outstanding payments due on your account

How do I book a swap?

How much does it cost?

Your current hire agreement will be affected differently depending on the specific swap date, the category of vehicle you choose and the current subscription package you’re on. We can’t provide the exact charges you will incur as these are calculated on the day of your swap.

If you want additional kilometre packages or optional protection you can just let the Everything Fleet team know.

What about the additional driver?

If you have an existing Additional Driver it will be automatically added to your new agreement to ensure all drivers are carried over to your new car.

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