Everything Fleet is excited to introduce you to our dedicated team member – Darla.

Peek behind the curtains to get to know Darla a little better and to learn about her journey.

Darla is an original member of the Jonday team.  She started working as a sales assistant and then as a customer service officer for us back in the days when Tony Hillier was the owner and Keith was the car detailer.

Darla was instrumental in helping Keith expand Jonday’s Thrifty franchise territory from having 2 car rental locations in Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta airport, to entering the South Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and out to the western regions of Queensland.

Moving from Thrifty to Everything Fleet couldn’t have happened without Darla following. We would have dragged her along even if she kicked and screamed. Afterall, as many of our oldest clients and suppliers say, she is the matriarch of Jonday!

Darla, tell us a bit about yourself…
Fun facts about yourself

I don’t know if anyone else has done this (I am sure some have) — many years ago whilst working out of our office in Logan, I had had a late night the previous evening (I think it may have been my partner’s birthday) and when I woke the next morning in a panic (my alarm did not go off) I hurriedly dressed, applied my makeup and made my way to work which by the way was approx. 1 hour away.  When I arrived, the staff looked at me and said, “Darla don’t you know its Sunday it’s your day off”.   Needless to say I felt very embarrassed.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Working from home as I don’t have to dress up and put make-up on.  Also, it sounds corny but it’s true – I use to call it a job/work, but now after all this time, its my family.

Personally, what are some proud moments?

Proudest moment for me personally was becoming a mum.

Your greatest challenge during the pandemic?

Knowing that like myself, my friends, colleagues and family were doing it tough due to not being unable to work.   My family and I are close and having a mum over 80 and not being able to visit her was also extremely hard.

Other than work, what do you like to do?

I have just started a new hobby  “Paint by Numbers” – which I am loving. Not too sure if my friends and family feel the same as they are all getting lots and lots of presents now, LOL.

What is your favourite car?

If I had to choose from the Everything fleet’s list of vehicles I would say it is the Mitsubishi Outlander as it is spacious and really good on fuel with comfy seats.   Otherwise, it would be our family car “MAXINE”, which is an Isuzu D-MAX 4×4 – yes we do name our cars.

What is your favourite road trip?

Many years ago, when working under our old brand (Thrifty), Jonday won the tender for a movie you may remember “AUSTRALIA” with Nicole Kidman.   To move all the vehicles up to Mackay we used car carriers as well as office staff.  We started off the trip with a very early start from our home and met up for breakfast at a nominated service station and from there we travelled together – meeting up for food, fuel and of course toilet stops.   I think we all became a closer-knit team after that trip and I reckon this was the reason Keith asked staff to do it rather than employ a contractor to move the cars.

Advice you would give your younger self?

My younger self was many many years ago, however if I could give myself advice it would be “do not worry about what other people think as long as you believe you are doing the right thing do it”.

Do you have any more questions for Darla? We’d love to hear from you.

You can contact us on 131 381  or email us at hello@everythingfleet.com.au