Vehicle of the Month – Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series

Like all Landcruisers the 200 was built to take on the harsh Australian landscape. Crowned as Drive’s 2020 Car of the Year for Upper Large SUV it clearly lives up to its purpose.

The 200 Series offers the usual gamut of mandated safety features, but also come with hill start assist, multi-terrain anti-lock braking, crawl control with off-road turn assist, plus airbags for front, front/side and driver’s knee impacts.

Fun Facts about the King of the Road:

  • The record for the longest drive of all time was done in a Landcruiser by Emil Schmid – traveling 741,065 Kms over 30 years… and still counting.
  • The Japanese police were the first-ever customer of the Landcruiser, adopting it as their patrol car in 1951.  The Japanese government specifically told Toyota to make sure it looked nothing like the American Jeep. The original price was $2,930.
  • It took 30 years to sell the first 1 million Landcruiser’s globally, and only 9 more years to sell the 2nd million. Today, the Landcruiser is Toyota’s longest-running nameplate.
  • Keith spotted a Landcruiser in Outback QLD named ‘10 Cents’. After enquiring about the name, he was told a story (or maybe a yarn from a Aussie Local) about how the old-timer had collected plastic bottles for years and eventually cashed in his funds for the Toyota Landcruiser.

One of our customers headed to Birdsville and sent us this photo of the Landcruiser 200 Series manoeuvring the extreme conditions to get to the Big Red Bash.

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