Nothing else offers the unique combination of classic style and exhilarating performance quite like the Ford Mustang. Australia’s favourite sportscar continues its best-selling combination of sleek design, advanced technology and superb performance, but now includes state-of-the-art connectivity that allows you to locate, lock and even start your Mustang remotely. It’s a combination of raw power and unrivalled sophistication that never grows old.

According to, a leading automotive marketplace, when you drive a mustang there are a number of things it says about you:

  • You like attention! This car is for big personalities. Everyone will see you and hear you coming. This is definitely not an introvert’s car.
  • You travel light! This car is not built for hauling the kids to school. You can have one passenger to impress, and that’s it.
  • You like a little danger in your life. Although it’s a very safe car, it has that muscle car, take no prisoners attitude on the open road.
  • You’re living the dream.  According to Gold Eagle’s list of most desired dream cars, the Ford Mustang sits at no. 4 spot.

Fun fact: the Mustang was the first Ford vehicle specifically marketed to women.

Everything you need, small or big, we have them all – including the Mustang that has a heritage few other cars can match.

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