Like most organisations, we find there is never enough hours in the day to do the tasks required especially the last 8 months! It honestly felt like a marathon while we rebranded from Thrifty Car Rental to Everything Fleet. In saying that, we have been truly blessed to have some of the best talent in the industry helping us with the daily grind. Each individual that makes up our virtual assistance team has worked alongside us, moving in the same direction helping us achieve some incredible milestones during this time. It is their work ethic and integrity which has driven our success!

Here are just a few introductions to some of these wonderful ladies.

First up, the team that supports our digital platform.

  • Codie – our digital marketing business sidekick! Based in Melbourne, Codie listened to what we wanted and provided us with a personalised business solution. Without her knowledge and guidance in the beginning, we wouldn’t have made it this far!
  • Kate – the brains, the heart and the soul behind Two Creativ. A mother of 2 (Hallie and Knox) she has been instrumental in helping us with our graphics for social media. Referred to us by another business superwoman (Helen Kirkham) we were lucky to have been Kate’s first customer after she returned to work after maternity leave.
  • Renata – a Brazilian Graphic Designer recommended by Rom, one of our mechanics, who produced some of our social media videos.
  • Caitlin from Brisbane-based Explanimate. Caitlin, along with Dave lived, breathed and properly tore their hair out at times creating the inaugural TV adverts, social media and website videos for Everything Fleet. Our vision came together only because this duo worked tirelessly to meet our objectives.

Next up, is our administration team – Rochelle, Cassie and Michelle. These ladies independent of each other, take care of our excess admin tasks. From emailing, transcribing, content checking, formulating or retyping documentation with next to no notice, this talented crew are up for anything from the most basic task to the complicated and frustrating ones!

Last but certainly not least, is the extraordinary Bron from BCreative. She may not wear a cape, fly or leap tall buildings in a single bound but to Everything Fleet, Bron is the true definition of a SUPERWOMAN. We have worked with Bron for 16 years and her design and development expertise in everything she does is out of this world. Alongside the founding team of Everything Fleet, she worked endlessly — beyond what is humanly capable for some — to help us turn our vision into reality.