The Mini Cooper is arguably one of the most easily recognisable automobiles ever produced. The original Mini started production in the late ‘50s and quickly became one of the best selling cars in Europe.

Who drives a Mini Cooper? According to Forbes, the mini owners are a tough bunch to pin down, demographically speaking, since the car has broad appeal. “It’s a certain mindset” says the spokeswoman for Mini USA. “People who relate to the brand, there’s no age to that. Mini owners fall into four categories:  brand enthusiasts, who relish the car’s British racing roots; design aficionados, who like the car’s simple elegance; social butterflies, who want to be part of the Mini community; and gas misers, who crave the Mini’s fuel efficiency. Some of the latter group trade down from large Utes/Trucks and SUVs not because they feel financially crunched by high fuel prices, but because they want to be conscientious and reduce their impact on the environment. These “right-sizers” like the Mini’s eco-friendly image” says Mini USA. “Many of our customers are people who get a smaller car because it’s the right thing to do.”

No matter how much we think we know about the Mini brand there are still some elusive pieces of trivia that you may not know:

  • The Mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century in 1999, right behind the Ford Model T.
  • The most people to ever fit into a Mini is 28, at one time! Don’t try this at home!
  • The original Mini was sold for 497£ in 1959 which is around $870 today. Despite the price tag everyone from the regular person to the members of the Beatles owned a mini.
  • The reason why there are so many names for Minis is because the company has been owned by different parent companies. Today, mini is an independent division of BMW.
  • The first version of the Mini did not have a radio. This was because the creator was a heavy smoker and thought the radio was an ‘extravagance’ that was ultimately unnecessary and filled the area with a large ashtray.

Regardless of what model you choose within the range, there is no doubt the Mini Cooper is a true trailblazer. Commited to standing out from the crowd, it’s the choice of the unconvential.

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