Customers can be reassured that their fleet needs are being taken care of as Everything Fleet takes the stress and guesswork out of vehicle leasing.

The Everything Fleet team offers a personalised service tailored to each one of our clients. Our leasing products range from a complete lifecycle leasing model – from purchase to allocation, build and support – and includes onsite servicing, maintenance and smash repair at the end of the lease to minimise fair wear and tear.

Everything Fleet has been in business for over 30 years which has given us decades of experience and allowed us to build a wealth of knowledge in regards to fleet leasing. Lease packages are built around what each client needs, and there are opportunities to amend the parameters if necessary. For instance, if a client finds they are doing more kilometres than was first budgeted for, we change this at any stage in the lease.  As a boutique leasing company, Everything Fleet doesn’t have to work within the normal constraints of bigger leasing companies. This means our team can really listen to our customers’ needs and combine their requirements with our experience ensuring they feel supported throughout the entire leasing process.

Everything Fleet purchases 1000’s of vehicles every year which provides access to competitive discounts and reduced wait times for 4WD Utes, Landcruisers, Buses and Trucks. Our head office is located on the Gold Coast and our client-specific builds take place in Brisbane. Once a vehicle is returned, it passes on to the next client, or is sold through our subsidiary Everything Vehicle Sales.

Everything Fleet takes pride in offering a leasing service that can alleviate a clients’ pains, reduce costs and negate lengthy wait times. We lease vehicles across a wide range of industries, including the mining and oil and gas sectors, throughout Australia.

Everything Leasing, a part of Everything Fleet, is your one-stop-shop for Fleet. 

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