Australia lags most of the developed world in the take-up of hybrid and electric cars. According to Nathan Dunn, head of Sonnen Australia the global leader in solar battery solutions  “there is big interest in electric cars in Australia, but the entry price point is a major hurdle to overcome. In a recent study conducted by YouGov,  55% of Australians said electric vehicles were too expensive”.

Becoming a member of Everything Fleet’s car subscription service overcomes this reluctance and  provides customers with the ultimate test drive and a low-risk way to trail hybrid and EVs before making a commitment to purchase a particular brand.

With the ability to swap cars and with no long-term contracts, all the costs associated with traditional car ownership are covered in our all-inclusive, monthly payment. All you need to worry about is your parking, tolls and fuel charges (if you choose to drive a hybrid). Depending on the plan, washes are also included so you’ll never be driving a dirty car again. 

Still not convinced? Get in touch with Everything Fleet today and let’s discuss your options further.