Maintaining a fleet is one of the many challenges facing construction businesses, both large and small. Vehicle subscription presents an appealing alternative, offering affordability, and a host of other advantages including:

Capital Release

Rather than tying up business capital in the upfront purchase of depreciating assets, vehicle subscription allows businesses the freedom of fixed payments, without the cost of maintenance, insurance or registration.

Less Administration

Maintaining a fleet – servicing, registration, insurance, cleaning – requires significant administration, meaning a significant cost. Vehicle subscription takes the responsibility away from the business, allowing your team to get on with more important work.

Tax Benefits

There are a variety of tax benefits and deductions that come with vehicle subscription for businesses. The team at Everything Fleet can help you understand your unique position and the potential tax advantages associated with it.

Fleet Flexibility

In construction, vehicle requirements can change as a project or development progresses. The fleet required in the early stages, may not be the fleet required further into the build. Subscription allows construction and building companies to change their fleet to suit their needs.

FIFO Workforce

As a construction project evolves, so does its workforce and staff requirements. With worker shortages affecting many in the industry, FIFO staff are increasingly in demand to bring a project to completion. Vehicle subscription allows businesses the flexibility of providing vehicles for these workers as they are needed.

Keeping up Appearances

For many construction companies, the fleet is the face of their business. On site or on the road, an aged or damaged fleet can send the wrong message and cost potential clients. Vehicle subscription gives your team access to a fleet of late model vehicles in excellent condition.

Vehicle Subscription may be an option you are interested in exploring but don’t know much about. For a complete understanding of how it can work for you, contact our team. We have over three decades’ experience in custom designing the right solution at a competitive price for construction clients in both the public and private sectors. Regardless of your size or needs – from one dual-cab ute to an entire fleet of specialised trucks and late model executive cars – Everything Fleet can accommodate, in any location in Australia.

Everything Fleet offers construction clients an unbeatable one-stop-shop for all their vehicle needs, from initial delivery, to ground level support across Australia.  We offer:

  • An extensive fleet range encompassing passenger vehicles, utes, vans, trucks, buses, 4WD’s and specialty vehicles (i.e. crane, service, and water trucks).
  • A range of brands, makes and models.
  • Light commercial vehicles less than 12 months old
  • Vehicles with low kilometres.
  • No deposit or lock in contracts, easy to arrange.