Jonday Holdings, the company formally known as Thrifty Car Rentals, Southeast Queensland, Western Regions, Northern and Central NSW,  has ended its more than 31-year association with Thrifty in favour of a new brand Everything Fleet.

This is a move not often seen in the car rental industry but follows very quickly after the company behind Thrifty WA also dropped the brand and moved over to EuropCar.

The pandemic provided Jonday Holdings with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a brand that fitted with the services they were currently offering but also represented the future they wanted to provide their loyal customer base.

To break it down, Jonday Holdings trading as Everything Fleet  remains the same business and customers will still have access to the same head office locations with onsite workshops, the same dedicated management team and core employees, the same extensive fleet range and safety standards. The only difference customers will see is the change of name and colour, along with a host of additional benefits for customers and the local economy.

A lot of work has gone into the rebrand over the last six months, such as vehicle re-stickering, painting all locations, removing, and installing new signage, designing new marketing materials, new uniforms, and implementing new systems. Jonday has long-term local sponsorships of community events and Australian organisations in place as well as local supplier contracts. For this reason, the company has not taken the brand change lightly and has put trust into Everything Fleet  to be the right fit to best serve the Australian economy.

Jonday had grown over the past 30+ years, to be a leading vehicle rental operator in its region. Vehicle rental is more than just a business it’s about positively moving people and industry, creating jobs, and doing the best to drive a better Australian economy. It was very important to Jonday, after the GFC and pandemic to remain independent and stay 100% Australian owned and operated, run by Aussies for Aussies.