If you are considering a holiday, you are not alone. Australia is experiencing a domestic travel boom with a precedented demand for hire cars and local accommodation. After countless lockdowns and border restrictions, Aussies are ready to embrace travel. With international travel still largely uncertain many are opting for local and interstate trips and this is creating an increased demand for local hire cars.

Tasmania has been particularly impacted by the hire car shortage. Public transport is limited in many parts of Tasmania, creating more demand from tourists and locals alike to use cars to get around. As reported by  ABC News, Tasmanian hire car companies sold off around half their fleet during the state’s border closure in 2020. Since borders have reopened, these companies have struggled to rebuild their fleets as a shortage of manufacturing materials has made it more expensive to manufacture and purchase cars. This shortage has had a flow on effect to the tourism industry, with many visitors cancelling their trips due to a lack of hire car availability.

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Sold! If you’re thinking a road trip getaway sounds good but you need a little help planning, here’s a complete guide to its second largest city, Launceston, to help you out. Launceston mixes city and country charms, with heritage streetscapes, a slice of urban wilderness and all the ingredients for a gourmet experience. It is one of only two cities in Australia to be named as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, and its Saturday farmers’ market is among the best in the nation.

One of the country’s oldest settlements, Launceston has a strikingly well-preserved cityscape of architectural styles from Georgian to mid-20th century, dotted with beautiful city parks and strung along the banks of the North Esk and Tamar Rivers.

Tamar River, Tasmania

The direct drive from Brisbane to Launceston is 2318 km. The top cities to view along the way include Byron Bay, Port Macquarie, Ballart, Cessnock, Katoomba, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. Once you arrive in Launceston there is heaps to do. To see as much as possible on this magical trip, plan to spend at least two weeks taking in all the sights along the way.

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