With such beautiful landscapes to explore throughout Australia, often the journey can be just as good as the destination – as long as the vehicle you drive is fit for purpose, that is.

Whether you are road tripping around Australia or looking for that extra bit of comfort a SUV is an ideal option – it blends adventure-ready capability with exceptional comfort and is built for family adventures.

Why should you rent a SUV from Everything Fleet? Take a look below and see if this category of car is the one for you.

An SUV has more room

Have baby seats that need to fit in the car? What about teenagers that need more leg room? Heaps of luggage? This option is great for families. Equipped with comfortable seats and enough space to lug things around and reduce irritability, you’ll thank yourself later for renting an SUV instead of a smaller option for the family.

SUV and safety

All cars available to rent are filled with features to keep you safe and sound. However, some SUV’s have that extra added bit of safety such as rear-view cameras and safety alert. Known as the safest category of car due to their size and build they also have Electronic Stability Control which decreases the car rolling in the event of an accident.

SUV and Camping

Camping in Australia is super popular and the powerful engine of the SUV is going to help make rural adventure possible. Moreover, tents, supplies, food and all the other campaign essentials will fit easily in the boot of an SUV.

Extra Seats

Some SUVs have 3 extra sets that can be lifted to accommodate more passengers. There is plenty of room to fit your luggage, your family and friends without feeling crowded. Sit back, relax and avoid stress when you are travelling.

Available in small, medium or large sizes an SUV can get easily get your family from A to B in comfort.

Book the perfect adventure vehicle for every family for your next vacation now, with Everything Fleet.