If you’ve ever worn a pair of high heels on a winery tour, or thongs to a muddy music festival, you’ll really understand the importance of choosing the right shoe for the occasion. We choose our shoes for all sorts of reasons: comfort, style, convenience. But mostly we choose them because they are fit for purpose. Going for a quick run? Grab the trainers. Long day at work ahead? Gotta be the comfortable black boots. Off to the beach? Slip on a pair of Havaianas.

We need a shoe closet full of choices to help us get where we want to go. Same with cars  – whatever you are doing, wherever you are going, a car exists that is perfect for that occasion. Sadly, unless you’re Jerry Seinfeld with his famous fleet of cars, there is a limit on how many cars you can own. But there’s no limit on how many you can subscribe. With Everything Fleet’s car subscription, you can have access to garage of cars from around $198 a week, and all you pay for is petrol and infringements. No servicing costs, no rego costs, no maintenance costs.  But that’s just the boring stuff, the really cool part of car subscription is that you can swap your car to suit your occasion, your mood, or just because you fancy a change.

Taking off on an extended outback Australian holiday? Sounds like a Toyota Landcruiser kind of occasion. Your sister’s four kids coming to stay for the xmas break?  You’re going to need a Kia Carnival People Mover. You name it, there’s a vehicle for it.

Big gardening project: ute.
Camping: Jimny.
Long family drive ahead: Kluger.

If you’ve got something to do, Everything Fleet has a car that will help you do it. And when you’re done with the car, you can easily swap your make or model based upon your subscription plan.

Want to learn more about how Everything Fleet’s car subscription service can help you?  Read our FAQs. Drop in and view our complete range of cars or contact our team on 131 381.