Rental car prices are surging and many of the major car rental companies are sold out of vehicles. There are multiple factors influencing the price hike and car shortages in the Australian economy.

Listed below are just a few of the many reasons market conditions have dramatically changed post-covid.

  • Many of the smaller rental car companies folded at the height of the pandemic.
  • The semi-conductor crisis plaguing auto manufactures are hindering rental car companies from regrowing their fleet after most of them sold off vehicles to save cash during COVID-19.
  • The devasting flooding in NSW and QLD saw thousands of cars destroyed which has added to the supply pressures.
  • Fleet numbers amongst the major players significantly shifted when Hertz and NRMA reached an agreement to handback the Thrifty Car Rental brand. Thrifty’s fleet was dramatically reduced when its vehicle supplies were stripped. This reduction was further exacerbated when the companies behind the two biggest Thrifty franchisees decided to end their relationship with NRMA and rebranded their significant fleet supplies under the umbrella of Europcar WA and the independent brand, Everything Fleet.
Rental bookings in high demand

Generally speaking, rental cars are expensive and they will not get any cheaper for some time yet. If you’re hunting for a car around the peak holiday periods, it’s a good idea to book in advance. If all else fails, you might skip renting from a global rental car company completely and look locally.

Everything Fleet, an independent rental car company is owned and operated by Australians. We have been in the hire business for 30+ years and have one of the most extensive fleet ranges in the industry. We hire quality vehicles with low kilometres. Our passenger vehicles are the newest available and held on average for around six (6) months.

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