Buying a luxury vehicle might seem like a good idea – until you’re left with long-term debt and a quickly depreciating asset. 

Everything Fleet’s subscription service is a flexible alternative to owning a vehicle whilst avoiding depreciation and debt. The monthly fee includes insurance, registration, servicing and roadside assistance. You only need to pay for tolls, infringements and fuel. When you do the maths, the on-road costs plus the cost of depreciation and interest, you will save money subscribing.

Explore our range of luxury SUVS to meet your business and/or lifestyle needs. In addition to the traditional comfort, convenience, entertainment, and safety features, – luxury vehicles bristle with advanced connectivity elements, autonomous-driving options and the latest powertrain electrification technologies.

Contact the Everything Fleet team and let us help you find the vehicle of your dreams. We have flexible options to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of luxury and performance at a reasonable price.