Subscribing is a trend that is here to stay – Spotify, Netflix, Apple, HelloFresh  – are all companies known to offer convenient subscription services to their customers. The products may differ but the subscription model is still the same, promising consumers flexibility, absolute transparency and predictability.

When your lifestyle changes dramatically, like it did for many during the pandemic, the idea of a owning a car comes into focus for varied reasons:

  1. For those individuals who are working from home or adopting a hybrid work model the need for a car, long-term is being reassessed.
  2. For those who are under financial strain with reduced hours or facing rolling lockdowns, the household car is incredibly costly. According to Forbes “…new academic research published in Ecological Economics, calculated the lifetime cost of a small car to be about $689,000 making it one of the most expensive household consumer goods. These calculations were based on an individual driving 15,000 km per year over 50 years, with previous studies using different parameters also reaching similar conclusions”.
  3. For foreign travellers, expats and everyone else stranded or forced to relocate, making a decision about a car purchase in today’s geopolitical environment presents many challenges least of all the inability to purchase new models with a quick turnaround time, unless you were happy to settle for a Chinese brand.

Getting a car, via subscription provides peace of mind knowing that if your circumstances change you won’t be stuck with a car you can’t afford or don’t need. Furthermore, it removes the reliance on public transport which was decimated in all Australian cities regardless of community transmissions, due to social distancing requirements and people’s safety fears.

Everything Fleet’s car subscription service is easy and transparent as possible. It gives you, the customer, the ultimate choice — simply pick your car for the month, swap it for another the next month, or cancel completely if your needs change.

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