In 2022, car subscription services are well and truly a present-day reality – no longer a novelty or passing trend being spoken about around the water coolers in the office.

According to Loopit, a software company that provides the automotive industry the technology to operate subscription programmes “the way we are moving is changing and alternative car ownership models like car subscription are exploding in popularity around the world”.

With more people interested in living a minimalist lifestyle or relooking at their finances in wake of the pandemic, car subscription is the future of driving – it’s basically the automotive industry’s Netflix of cars.

Via a monthly car subscription, Everything Fleet’s customers are abandoning the idea of car ownership altogether and are choosing to only have a car when they really need it. Car subscription allows them to ‘pay as you use’ without the need to share a car with others.  Providing customers with one of the most extensive fleet ranges in the industry also means members can drive any make or model they want, when they want.

A number of flexible car subscriptions plans exist tailored around  short vehicle commitments and the ability to trade up or down to a better car or a cheaper model as lifestyle or budget requirements change. And no matter what plan members choose all the associated costs of motoring except fuel and infringements is included in the monthly pricing.

Signing up for car subscription is as easy as signing up for Netflix. Everything Fleet customers can browse through the website; choose the car they want and drive away on the same day if they choose.

Car subscription may not be for everyone but for those customers who value convenience and a customized service, it definitely makes sense. Contact our team today if you want to join the movement and become a member of Everything Fleet’s car subscription service.

Contact our team at or on 131 381 so we can take the next step.