The pandemic gave us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a brand that fitted with the services we were currently offering and was a representation of what we wanted to do in our future.

Nevertheless, the evolution of our company from a Thrifty Car Rental franchisee to Everything Fleet was a complicated decision to take and we have certainly shed some tears along the way! During the entire process it was incredibly important to us to create a brand that was modern and welcoming and we finally feel it’s coming together as we start to launch it to the world.

Financially stable in our own right, we were adamant after coming out of both the GFC and the pandemic, that we wanted to remain independent and stay 100% Australian owned and operated, run by Aussies for Aussies. We wanted to keep our profits in Australia supporting the local economy.

Our transition from Thrifty to Everything Fleet saw us keep our dedicated management team, core employees, same fleet range and our Head Office locations.

We can proudly boast we still operate one of the most extensive fleet ranges in the industry; and our customers are getting the same wonderful service they use to get regardless of what brand we are.

On reflection, our ability to work as a team was tested at times but with true commitment, enthusiasm and conviction our loyal, hard-working staff made it happen.

We truly appreciate the loyalty our long-term customers and suppliers have shown us during this transition period. Thank you for your commitment to Jonday and we look forward to continuing to provide customized vehicle and fleet solutions, you have come to expect from us.

At Everything Fleet we fully embrace the fact we’re different – because it made us better.