There are many perks to Everything Fleet’s car subscription service but what are some of the overlooked benefits?

  • Save Money – the expenses of owning, maintaining and insuring a car are endless. Use the substantial funds you save with a Everything Fleet’s car subscription service to go on holidays or put towards your home.
  • Always Drive the Latest Model – we all love the freedom you get when you access a new and modern car. Imagine if you can just fuel up, hop in and hit the road, hassle free, with access to all the latest models and technology. No need to drive an old or defective model ever again.
  • Saves Time – its inconvenient and time consuming when your car breaks down – with Everything Fleet we have you covered. Our 24/7 roadside assistance providers will always be there to take the stress away and fix the issue promptly.
  • No Loans – there are no loans involved when it comes to subscription and as an added bonus of not owing a car, you eliminate the financial commitment of a rapidly depreciating asset.
  • Try Before You Buy – for those of you considering a hybrid or an electric car for the first time, subscription is a safe way to ‘try before you buy’ and see if it works for you.
  • Simplicity – enjoy the ease of Everything Fleet’s car subscription models. You may sign on during winter when you need a car and decide you don’t need one when summer arrives.

Interested? Contact Everything Fleet’s team and start enjoying your life while we take care of your driving needs.