We spoke Denise to learn more about her experience with Everything Fleet and to find out why she subscribes and if she had any recommendations for others who are considering car subscription.

What car are you currently subscribing too?

I started off in a Mitsubishi Outlander and then I was changed over to another Mitsubishi Outlander due to an Incident that I had with the first vehicle.

How did you end up with a subscription car?

I come to Australia every year from Chile, South America to see my son and grandchildren. I always fly into Ballina and rent a car from Darla. When I found out Darla was no longer with Thrifty,  I rang her on her mobile (as she had given it to me if I had any issues with Thrifty) and I signed up to car subscription with Everything Fleet straight away. Why wouldn’t I? It was the same company I was use to dealing with for over 5 years. I actually think maybe it was better than ever to be honest, because I got to talk to Darla in depth about my needs and the bonus was that I wasn’t lined up in a queue with everyone else at the airport counter waiting to be served. After my incident, I rang the same dedicated team that always looks after me and within a couple of hours I  was driving around in my replacement car. I definitely received concierge service this time round with Everything Fleet.   

If you were given the chance to travel back to the past, where would you go?

Always Australia.