Everything Fleet would like to introduce another member of our team and to explore their journey with Jonday.

Peek behind the curtains to get to know Glenys a little better and to learn about her journey.

Glenys has been helping Jonday forever – 20 years plus at least!

She works tirelessly behind the scenes helping us recover money from third parties or stolen vehicles etc. She has been abused more times in those 20 years than properly anybody else in their entire lifetime but somehow, she continues to have a laugh and work flat out.

Glenys has always been a part of our big happy family whether as a contractor or as a staff member. We have loved having her onboard.

Glenys, tell us a bit about yourself…

I love a challenge. This job is all about collecting money and winning but at the same time maintaining a very strong sense of humour and being a good judge of character so you can see through the bullshit.

What is the funniest situation you have ever come across whist undertaking your job?

Where do I start? I think it would have to be the prostitute who stole the vehicle from the elderly gentleman in QLD and drove and dumped the vehicle in Kings Cross. Also, the time I represented a famous author and a signed copy of his book was included in the terms of settlement.

What has been some of the challenges during the global pandemic?

Trying to recover money whilst most people were out of work.

While not working, what do you do?

Hang out with the kids, catch up with friends, enjoy a wine or two and I love watching the Richmond Tigers.

What was the worst car you have ever owned?

Green Datsun 180.

What is your favourite road trip?

Brisbane to Melbourne with many stops on the way to explore local areas.

If you were to give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Be yourself and enjoy the ride.

Do you have any more questions for Glenys? We’d love to hear from you.

You can contact us on 131 381  or email us at hello@everythingfleet.com.au