It’s difficult to compare car subscription services to leasing because the services are quite different and it depends on which subscription plan the customer chooses.

What’s included: When comparing leasing rates against the price of car subscription, it may at first seem quite high. With leasing however, a hefty down payment is often required to keep the monthly repayments low and there is often an expensive final instalment when the vehicle is returned. In addition, in a lease agreement, expenses such as maintenance, repairs, and insurance are borne by the customer.  With car subscription, the customer does not bear these expenses.

Access & Choices: With leasing, customers often end up waiting for several months to get access to a car and the paperwork can be quite tedious. With subscription, cars are available almost immediately and there is less paperwork.

Compared to leasing, car subscription provides more flexible terms and choices, which are often not found in lease agreements. Instead of having access to only one car, subscribers can pick from a large array, swapping cars as they please.

Contract Duration & Cancellation: While leases are generally for periods of two to four years, with restrictive terms, car subscriptions offer periods as short as 30 days.

Leasing agreements are difficult and extremely costly to get out of if your circumstances change. Car subscription can often be cancelled at much shorter notice as long as the minimal duration has been met.

In summary, car subscription is the perfect alternative to leasing if you don’t want to be locked into a two-year contract. Car subscription offers mid-term, flexible, mobility solutions for customers who drive but not enough to lease, or for businesses that need to downsize or upsize fleet quickly.

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