Road trips are supposed to be fun. Memorable, enriching and a chance to put your everyday life in some sort of perspective. But all-too often the reality is anything but.

One of the major sticking points to a road trip happens before you even leave your driveway – the dreaded packing.

When it comes to packing a car, planning is everything. You don’t want the first 100km of your getaway spent in stony silence because you wouldn’t let your child bring their giant teddy, or you couldn’t fit the fully stocked esky.

Here are Everything Fleet’s Tips on Achieving the Perfect Pack

These enduring basic principles will apply to solo adventurists, girls’ weekends or extended family getaways.

  • Lay down some ground rules and stick to them. It’s not easy, remember people go to university for four years to study logistics!
  • Make a list. Then tick it off as it’s packed. Sounds like common sense but remember even Burke and Wills were rational at the beginning. A list will keep you on track and stop any of those “OMG we forgot the…” moments.
  • Choose the vehicle that’s right for you. And by you, I mean everyone. It’s hard to justify packing light to others when your golf clubs take up half the boot. Need help with choosing the right car for your luggage- give Everything Fleet a call.
  • Check the weather forecast and craft a realistic itinerary because it determines the exact needs for clothing, sporting and adventure pursuits.
  • Take a selection of luggage including hard cases and soft bags so you can fill the available space in the car appropriately.
  • Take some extra, empty soft bags for laundry, muddy or wet clothes.
  • Consider getting the largest most comfortable vehicle for your budget because the time spent together whilst travelling can often determine the mood and increase the anticipation of the adventures ahead. Keeping the kids at arm’s length from each other with seatbelts, ensures trouble free motoring.
  • Using the itinerary, pack in reverse for the day ahead. The largest items that will be last to be used go in first and so on.
  • Have a small ‘go’ bag for each person and keep it within easy reach, so you aren’t digging around in the luggage for a favourite book. And when it comes to games, don’t be afraid to embrace new technology, because you’ll likely need more than “I Spy with my Little Eye…” to make it through.* see our suggestions below.
  • Preparedness for climate change is a divisive topic but, in this instance, we aren’t talking global warming, rather having a jumper or beanie at hand rather than buried in the depths of the boot.
  • Pack the right charger for each device; Android, iPhone, iPad, Laptop, DVD…the list goes on. Petrol stations across Australia profit from your poor memory. And pack a power board too, so you aren’t fighting over outlets.
  • A real pro would have assembled an appropriate mix but for the time poor enjoy Spotify’s various genre’s (share the programming as not everyone likes AC/DC).

Holidays are one of life’s great gifts, creating memories that last a lifetime. With proper planning and packing, you can ensure the journey starts the moment you turn the engine on.


Truth or Dare (car safe!)
A game of truth or dare where all the dares must be something that can be accomplished (safely) in the car. 

Once Upon a Story
One person says a word that begins a story. Take turns adding one word onto the story and see where it ends up!

The License Plate Game
Interpret the letters in each license plate you pass. For instance, REG could stand for “Ron eats garbage” and CSB could be “Claire smells bad”.

The Movie Game
You connect actors through movies they have starred in. The game starts with an actor/actress, then the next person has to say a movie that they were in. The following person must state another actor/actress from that movie and then it continues on until someone is incorrect, then they have to sit out the next round.

6 Degrees of Separation
Pick two people in the world and try to connect them in 6 people or less.


Solo outdoor adventure?
Perhaps the Suzuki Jimny in the small SUV range?

Family holiday?
Try the Full-Size SUV range

Girl’s weekend?
Sounds like Luxury to us!