The Dali Lama stated:

‘once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before’.

One could say there is deep wisdom in these words.

Check out the most popular reasons why everyone should take a road trip below.

It breaks up routine

A road trip is a good way to disconnect from your daily routine, especially if you are feeling stressed, drained or need to simply clear your mind. There’s nothing quite like being on the open road, having the freedom to stop when you want, where you want, and to design your own itinerary. A trip down wide open roads free of traffic provides one with a different perspective in life.

You can discover new places and people

There is no better way to experience a new place than by going on a road trip. You get to see the real world – breathtaking scenic drives, connecting with actual communities, exploring quaint little towns and random tourist attractions,  and discovering natural wonders.

It gives you a sense of freedom

Taking a road trip gives you a sense of freedom that is difficult to find in any other way of travel. Nothing beats a car filled with snacks, the wind on your face while you sing along to your favourite music and an open road to explore before your eyes. The freedom to be able to take yourself wherever you want to go, and to stay for as long as you want to explore beats any tour you could ever do!

It’s a totally unique vacation

Road trips make for totally unique vacations because no road trip is ever alike. The scenery, the weather, the places you stop – it’s all so customizable depending upon your mood and your interests.

Having your own car is the perfect way to create your own unique itinerary while traveling.

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