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Quick answers to all your questions

What happens when the vehicle is due for service or preventive maintenance?2022-05-27T09:28:05+10:00
Can you guarantee the make and model of the vehicle?2022-04-27T14:57:59+10:00

We can’t always guarantee the make or model of the vehicle, as we often have varying models within the same category. Contact our team and we will try to accommodate you where possible.

Can you guarantee a specific colour vehicle?2022-04-27T14:57:36+10:00
Can pets ride in vehicles?2022-05-03T11:26:37+10:00

Pets (aside from service animals) are not allowed to ride in any of our vehicles. Cleaning fees may apply at our discretion if pet hair or other material is found in the vehicle.

Can I tow a vehicle?2022-04-27T14:58:42+10:00

If the vehicle comes with a tow bar, you may do so, following manufactures guidelines for that vehicle class. Please note, the insurance cover for the vehicle does not extend to the item being towed.

I have questions about a vehicle that isn’t listed – how do I find the information?2022-05-13T15:09:52+10:00

If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please contact our team.

What is a Corporate Account? How do I set one up?2022-04-27T15:00:29+10:00

We understand that every business has different needs.

A Corporate Account includes:

  • Dedicated priority reservation lines for enquiries
  • Personalised account manager to support all your vehicle hire needs
  • Tailored Competitive Rate Plans
  • Credit card and Trading Accounts are available for payment terms
  • Detailed monthly reports

Contact us and one of our Team will contact you to discuss your needs.

Do I receive a booking confirmation number?2022-04-27T15:01:04+10:00

Once you’ve provided your personal details and completed the online booking, we’ll send you a confirmation number (with full details) to the email address supplied. We recommend that you print it out and take it with you when collecting your vehicle to speed up the process.


How do I book online?2022-05-24T13:08:00+10:00

Booking a rental vehicle is easy.

  • Go to the website
  • Click on Everything Fleet Car and Truck Rentals
  • Click on Reservations Tab
  • Select the information as it pertains to you. Ie. Pick up/drop off location, dates, times, your age, Car or Commercial
  • Select Search to see what is available
  • Select your preferred vehicle by clicking on Book now
  • Select any extra’s such as Protection option, Baby/Booster Seats, Trailers
  • Select Review Booking
  • Provide your personal information to finalise and select Make Booking
Can I change/edit my booking?2022-05-10T11:51:50+10:00

You can alter your dates, times, vehicle type and additional extras prior to collecting your car, subject to availability. If you have already collected your vehicle and want to make a change, contact a team member to assist you.

Why do you need my Flight number when making a booking?2022-04-27T15:04:20+10:00

It’s important to give us your flight number at the booking stage to ensure we have your vehicle ready and waiting once you arrive.

How do I pay for my vehicle?2022-04-27T15:04:51+10:00

Payment is required upon collection of your vehicle. Our preferred method is credit card. The card must be bank-issued in the name of the authorised renter.

Is a deposit required when collecting the vehicle?2022-05-24T12:52:11+10:00

When collecting your vehicle, in addition to paying for your rental, we require a deposit (as security) to cover any additional charges such as fuel, additional kilometres, and the Damage Liability Fee (DLF). Deposits range in value depending on the vehicle type and payment type. This charge will be taken and released upon return of the vehicle in alignment with the Terms and Conditions of your Rental Agreement. Refund into your account may take 3-5 business days of bank processing time to become available. We do not accept CASH deposits.

Can I use a credit card and will there be any additional charges?2022-04-27T21:09:40+10:00

All the major credit cards are acceptable providing they have the Visa/MasterCard emblem/logo on them. Payments are subject to a credit card surcharge fee to cover merchant costs. The credit card fee will be debited to your credit card when processing payment.

Can I use a credit card up-front and then pay for the rental with cash later?2022-04-27T21:09:59+10:00

We do not accept payment by cash. Our preferred method of payment is credit card.

What is an Infringement?2022-05-03T11:28:31+10:00
  • An infringement is incurred when the Australian road rules are not adhered to.
  • An infringement can be issued for speeding, red light camera, using a mobile phone whilst driving, driving in a marked bus/transit lane, failing to adhere to warning lights and bells on a railway crossing, failure to adhere to line markings on the road, littering.
  • Infringements can also be issued for parking offences – failure to purchase a parking pass/ticket, exceeding the time limit, not parking in the direction of traffic, disobeying no stopping sign/clearway, parking on nature strip.

If an infringement is not paid by yourself prior to the due date, we will be issued with a reminder notice on your behalf. In turn, we will charge you an administration fee for the follow-up and transfer the infringement to your name.

Why does the price of a vehicle change so often?2022-04-27T21:10:59+10:00

Vehicle rental pricing is like airline pricing. If you book in peak periods, you’ll be paying higher prices. Pricing can also vary from location to location, as it may vary depending on where and what you want to rent. If you’re thinking about going on a holiday, its best to book in advance to get the cheapest rate possible for your rental.

How is the cost of rental calculated?2022-04-27T21:11:17+10:00

Our vehicle rental charges are calculated in periods of 24 hours.

If I’m running late will you charge me?2022-05-24T13:03:34+10:00
  • We allow a 59-minute grace period in the event you’re running a little behind.
  • If you’re more than 1 hour late, but less than 2 hours, we charge 1/3 of your rental rate, PLUS an extra day of Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF), protection (if purchased), additional equipment charges and any additional daily surcharges specified in your Rental Agreement.
  • If you’re more than 2 hours late, but less than 3 hours late, we charge 2/3 of your rental rate, PLUS an extra day of Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF), protection (if purchased), additional equipment charges and any additional daily surcharges specified in your Rental Agreement.
  • Once you are 3 hours late, we start charging for a full day of charges, by however many days you are late in returning, beyond the 3-hour period.
Are there any additional charges to the rental?2022-05-10T12:52:13+10:00
  • Any additional charges which apply to your rental, such as Young Driver Fee, Premium Location Surcharge, Vehicle Registration Fee (VRRF), Administration Fees and optional extras are all included in your Quote at the time of booking. Other extras such as Additional Driver Fee or our Pre-paid Fuel service may be selected and added to the rental at the time of vehicle collection.
  • If the vehicle is not filled up prior to return, the refueling charge will apply at the completion of your rental (unless you purchased a pre-paid option).
  • Fees also apply when paying by credit card, to cover merchant fees.
What does ‘Premium Location Surcharge’ mean?2022-04-27T21:13:05+10:00

Premium Location Surcharge reflects the additional expense of operating out of Airports and Downtown City locations. The surcharge varies depending on the location of the rental and may apply to any additional charges incurred at completion of rental.

What does ‘Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee’ mean?2022-04-27T21:13:21+10:00

This fee covers costs related to vehicle registration and toll registration. The fee is a per day charge and is included in your rental quote.

What currency can I pay in?2022-04-27T21:13:36+10:00

All charges and refunds amounts will be in AUD ($).

I require a tax invoice got the vehicle I had – how can I obtain this?2022-04-27T21:13:52+10:00

You should contact the location you rented from directly to obtain a tax invoice.

How do I cancel my booking?2022-05-10T09:06:21+10:00

Reservations may be modified or cancelled by contacting us on 131 381.

Or, email us.

I booked through a third-party service provider – what do I do if I want to cancel?2022-04-27T21:15:25+10:00

Contact the service provider and they will cancel the booking for you.

I have to self-isolate for 14 days due to Covid/close contacts. This will prevent me from returning the vehicle – what do I do?2022-04-27T21:15:54+10:00

Contact the branch and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Can I reduce my liability?2022-12-06T11:29:35+10:00

Our vehicles have a standard level of coverage included in the price at no additional cost. If there is damage, theft or Third-Party loss instead of being liable for the full cost, your liability is reduced to the Standard Cover amount (provided the Terms and Conditions have not been breached).  Standard Cover does not cover you for Damage to the Vehicle’s windscreen, headlights, wheels or tyres.

If you want greater peace of mind, you have the option to purchase Extra Cover to reduce your financial liability (excess) for an additional daily fee. Extra Cover reduces your liability from the Standard Cover to the Extra Cover amount.

Note: Extra Cover does not cover certain loss or damage (including overhead, underbody and water damage).

Need a little more cover?  We understand that sometimes you might need additional cover to suit your driving situation. Which is why, on top of our Standard and Extra Cover, we offer a suite of optional extras for you to add, allowing you to update your cover until its just right.  These include Glass and Tyre Protection and Premium Roadside Assistance

For further details and exclusions, refer to the Terms and Conditions of your Rental Agreement.

Is Damage Cover included in the price of the vehicle?2022-05-24T12:41:08+10:00
  • All bookings include Standard Cover which includes Third-Party Cover (CTP).
  • You may choose to purchase additional ‘protection options’ to reduce the standard Damage Liability Fee (DLF).
  • Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) fees may also apply depending on protection options purchased and pickup location.
  • Some exclusions to damage cover apply. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information
What is a Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) Fee?2022-04-29T10:24:01+10:00
  • A SVA is an accident that does not involve another vehicle other than a parked vehicle, or if involved with another vehicle, the other vehicle or it’s driver has not been identified to you at the time of incident or at the time of the incident, your vehicle was driving in reverse and the other motor vehicle was stationary.
  • The applicable SVA fee is noted on your Rental Agreement when collecting and signing for your vehicle. The SVA fee is charged in addition to the Damage Liability Fee (DLF) for each separate incident. The SVA fee applies when renting from non-metro location.
  • The SVA fee can vary when travelling remotely in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details and confirm at your renting location prior to pick-up.
Do I need to pay a Damage Liability Fee (DLF) if I get involved in an accident/incident?2022-05-24T12:03:55+10:00
  • If there is damage, theft of the vehicle or Third-Party Loss for each separate Accident or theft , you must pay up to the DLF shown in the Rental Agreement unless Your Rental Contract is for Customer Own Insurance.
  • We may make a reasonable estimate of Damage or on completion of an Assessment debit your credit card the estimated amount up to, but not exceeding, the DLF and Single Vehicle Accident (SVA).
If I am involved in a Third-Party accident, will I get a refund of the Damage Liability Fee (DLF) if I am not at fault?2022-05-23T10:50:40+10:00
  • If you’re involved in a Third-Party claim, we usually take payment for your DLF.
  • If you’ve assisted us with the claim as per our Terms and Conditions, and we are able to recover this from the Third-Party or their insurer, we will refund you either fully or part thereof, depending on how much we have recovered from the Third-Party.
What do I do if I have an accident?2022-05-24T12:39:57+10:00

If you are involved in an accident:

  • Let your renting location know.
  •  If necessary, call Roadside Assistance, the police in case of Third Party Liability and emergency services if anyone is injured.


  • Do not leave the vehicle without making sure it is safe.
  • Write down names and addresses of all people involved and any witnesses. Never admit liability.
  • You must let us know within 24 hours of any damage or incident as per our Terms and Conditions
  • All vehicle repairs must be conducted with the formal approval of your location upon notifying them

All vehicles come with standard protection cover included, which requires the completion and submission of a Vehicle Incident Report Form, along with the relevant excess payment, before any claim can be processed by our insurer.

What if I break down or need help?2022-04-27T21:20:18+10:00
  • Call our Roadside Assistance number – we provide access to Roadside Assistance for all customers.
  • If your breakdown is caused by vehicle malfunction, we’ll cover the costs, even if the vehicle needs to be towed.
  • Any other call-outs, caused by error or driver negligence are classified as Non-Standard Roadside Assistance. The costs for these ‘call-out’ events are charged against the Rental Agreement.
  • If you need towing or replacement keys, these incur extra costs based on the make/model of the vehicle, so are charged in addition to our call-out fee.
  • If you have lost the keys, you may have to pay for rental until a new set is made available.
  • If you have locked the keys in the vehicle, Roadside Assistance will be able to help you, but you will be charged for this service.
I’ve noticed damage on the vehicle after I’ve left the location – what do I do?2022-04-27T21:20:37+10:00

You have 1 hour after vehicle pickup from our rental counters to let us know if we’ve both missed anything upon pick-up. We recommend taking photos in-case we need more information.

Damage caused by an Animal2022-04-27T21:20:52+10:00

Any damage sustained to a vehicle as a result of a collision with an animal in remote areas between sunset and sunrise are not covered under any of the Damage Protection Options. All damages and recovery costs are the responsibility of the renter.

Overhead, Undercarriage or Water Damage2022-04-27T21:21:05+10:00

Any damage to overhead, under-carriage, or damage caused by water is not covered by any damage liabilities and are the responsibility of the renter.

Unauthorised Entry into Lands2022-04-27T21:21:21+10:00

Unauthorised entry into aboriginal lands, or breach of any permit regulations result in breach of the standard Terms and Conditions is not covered by any damage protection options (including standard).

Can I rent a baby or child seat?2022-04-27T21:22:49+10:00

We can provide you with baby and child safety seats at an additional cost to your rental. There is a maximum quantity of 3 vehicle seats per rental.

Baby seats are fitted forward facing, unless you notify us otherwise. It is up to the accompanying adult to fit the seat as we take no responsibility for the incorrect or unsafe installation of your seat.

What refuelling options do I have?2022-04-27T21:23:19+10:00

We offer a number options in regards to refuelling your vehicle:

  • you can go to a petrol station just before returning and fill the tank
  • you can pay in advance so you can bring it back empty without having to incur an additional cost (prepaid fuel)
  • you can let us fill the tank for you and we will charge you the location’s refuelling rate at the time you return your vehicle.
Do I check the condition of the vehicle before I leave the counter?2022-05-16T08:12:23+10:00

If you find a new apparent defect or condition different to what is noted on your Rental Agreement and/or Vehicle Condition Report supplied, you must inform the employee for joint examination to ensure our records can be updated.

Can I return the vehicle outside the location’s operating hours?2022-04-27T21:23:57+10:00

Some locations have a preferred location when returning your vehicle outside of normal operating hours. Please contact the location directly as specified on your Rental Agreement to discuss after-hours return. As per our Terms and Conditions, vehicles returned after-hours remain the responsibility of the renter until the vehicle can be inspected by a member of our team.

What do I need to bring to the location, to collect my vehicle?2022-04-27T21:24:31+10:00

To pickup your vehicle please bring the following with you:

  • Booking confirmation number
  • Driver’s licence
  • Credit card
Can I take photos of the vehicle before I drive away or after I return?2022-04-27T21:24:45+10:00

If you want to take photos of the vehicle before you leave, or after you return it, you’re more than welcome to.

The location is closed or unmanned. What do I do with my vehicle?2022-04-27T21:25:03+10:00

If you have to return outside our normal operating hours, we try to carry out this inspection within 4hours of the location opening, or until the location is manned.

What Driver’s Licence do I need to rent a vehicle?2022-04-27T21:25:33+10:00

We recognise all current non-provisional and non-probationary Australian driver’s licences and current overseas licences. Accepted Driver’s licences must be in English with photo and produced at the commencement of the rental, and must not be expired. Should the valid driver’s licence be in another language or have no photo we will accept a certified translation in English or an International driver’s permit. Should the licence not have a photo, an International Driving Permit must accompany it.

Please note:

  • Any vehicle that holds more than 12 people require an LR licence
  • Any vehicle larger than a 3-tonne truck requires an MR licence
  • Any vehicle that holds more than 21 people requires an MR licence
  • Any vehicle that is a 8 tonne truck or larger requires a HR licence
How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?2022-04-29T10:28:12+10:00
  • All renters must be aged at least 21 years old at the commencement of the rental.
  • Any renters aged 21 to 24 inclusive (whether the main or additional driver) incur an age surcharge per day, and can access our standard range of vehicles.
What’s my responsibility when renting a vehicle?2022-05-24T12:38:40+10:00
  • From the time you collect your vehicle, you and any nominated driver noted on the Rental Agreement, are financially responsible for any loss of damage to the vehicle. This includes damage caused outside of your control including hailstorms.
  • You and any additional drivers noted on the Rental Agreement are also bound by the Terms and Conditions as agreed to when signing your Rental Agreement upon collection.
What is the minimum rental period?2022-04-27T21:27:43+10:00

The minimum rental period is 24 hours. If you are in need of a rental for more than 30 days, we can provide you on a longer-term rental rate.

Do you offer one-way rentals?2022-05-16T08:13:12+10:00

We allow flexible traveling, however the rates for one-way rentals can vary between locations, as there is often a One-Way Fee. Contact our team to see if one-way rentals are available between your preferred locations.

Can I extend the rental duration?2022-04-27T21:28:37+10:00

Extending the rental duration may be possible at time of check out or during the rental itself. You can contact us or visit the nearest location to request an extension. Any request for extension is subject to vehicle availability and successful payment of extension period in advance.

Can anyone other than myself drive the car?2022-05-10T14:25:00+10:00

Only approved drivers noted on the Rental Agreement are permitted to drive a vehicle. Upon collection of your vehicle, each driver must be listed on the Rental Agreement and they must present their drivers licence at time of collection.

The Additional Driver Fee may be subject to the Admin Fee and Premium Location Surcharge where applicable.

Can I add an Additional Driver after I’ve already collected my vehicle?2022-04-27T21:29:24+10:00

Additional Drivers can be added at any time during your Rental and at any location, but as the main driver, you’ll also need to attend to re-sign the Rental Agreement.

I will be driving above the snow line – do I need a snow pass?2022-04-27T21:29:48+10:00

The snow season runs from 30 June to the October long weekend. Some vehicles are permitted to be driven above the snow line which is defined as the entry to a national park where snow chains are required to be carried. These vehicles are required to purchase Snow Pass at the time of vehicle collection.

How do I pay for travel on toll roads?2024-03-14T00:28:06+10:00

All payments for tolls will be automatically made with the credit card you provided us with at the beginning of the service.

How much will I be charged for travel on toll roads?2024-03-14T00:28:39+10:00

Every time you travel on a toll road, you will be charged for the toll amount plus a service fee per toll.

How can I access an invoice for toll payments?2024-03-14T00:29:11+10:00

To access an invoice for toll payments, simply email tolls@everythingfleet.com.au.

Can I use my own e-tag?2024-03-14T00:26:40+10:00

No. All payments for tolls will be automatically made with the credit card you provided us with at the beginning of the service.

What is Fair Wear and Tear?2022-05-05T22:22:21+10:00

There is a certain level of damage to a vehicle that is considered to be fair wear and tear as a result of ongoing use. This is treated differently to damage that is caused by yourself, which you will be held responsible for. The distinction between reasonable fair wear and tear and unacceptable damage is clearly outlined in our Fair Wear and Tear Guide.

There is a clear distinction between Fair Wear and  Tear and unacceptable damage.
Damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence is never fair wear and tear and is excluded from your damage cover.

You should always refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Contract for a full understanding of the exclusions that apply.

We have a range of optional protection packages available for those who wish to reduce their excess in the event of an accident or damage to their vehicle.

How do I extend my booking?2022-05-10T10:00:13+10:00

If you need to extend your vehicle, please contact us on 131 381.

Extending the duration of your vehicle is subject to vehicle availability and successful advance payment to cover the extension period.

What mine specifications do you provide on a vehicle?2022-05-10T09:59:41+10:00

Contact our team to discuss your requirements. We offer the flexibility to custom build to our clients’ individual specifications.

I require a Weed and Seed Certificate – how can I obtain this?2022-05-10T09:25:34+10:00

Weed and Seed Certificates and/or Weed Hygiene Declarations are provided on request. These are carried out by one of our qualified team members or by our preferred local suppliers and sub-contractors.

Can I rent vehicles not listed on the website?2022-05-10T09:59:09+10:00

Contact our team to discuss your requirements. We offer the flexibility to supply and delivery many types of vehicles.

I have filled my vehicle with the wrong fuel. What do I do?2022-05-16T09:53:19+10:00

Call the Roadside Assistance number to have the vehicle towed, do not continue to attempt to drive the vehicle.

The full Damage Liability Fee will be payable. Fuelling with incorrect fuel is classed as negligence, therefore, protection options will not cover for this kind of damage.


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