Subscription services are similar to car rental, with all-inclusive payments that cover both your use of the vehicle and associated costs such as servicing and maintenance.

The main difference however is the duration and price — generally a rental is for a shorter period of time and in return for paying a ‘membership fee’, you get access to cheaper weekly rates than an equivalent long-term rental.

A subscription service also works on a rolling contract that can be as little as one month, with the option to cancel or change your vehicle at the end of that time. That’s handy if your circumstances are likely to change – for instance, if you’re thinking of starting a family or working abroad for a while.

Furthermore, you get far more control over the type of vehicle you drive on a subscription. While a Rental Agreement might say something like ‘Ford Focus or similar’, a subscription will detail the exact make, model and colour, complete with a breakdown of the specification and any options fitted.

Still not sure which one is right for you? In a nutshell, if you only need a car occasionally – rental is definitely for you. However, if you need a longer-term solution, subscription is the simplest way of running a car with everything bundled into one regular payment.

Thinking of getting a subscription car, but not sure if its right for you?  Everything Fleet allows you to choose exactly how long you need it from 1 to 24 months, or everything in between — it’s entirely up to you.