Had an accident or incident in one of our rental vehicles? Here’s everything you need to know.

Assess the situation
  • If injured call 000 and request assistance.
  • If the vehicle is unsafe to drive call Roadside Assistance who will organize a tow truck. Do not leave the vehicle without making sure it is safe.
  • Contact the police in case of third-party liability. Get the officer’s name, badge number and accident case number.
Gather evidence and information
  • Take photos of the damaged vehicles before they are moved to a safer area (if you are able to do so without endangering any lives).
  • Exchange the name, address and contact details of all people involved in the accident. Make sure you get their vehicle registration numbers,  a photo of their Driver’s License and the name and policy number of their Insurance Company.
  • Obtain full details of any witnesses (i.e. their name, address and contact details).
Contact Everything Fleet
  • Let Everything Fleet know within 24 hours, as per the Terms and Conditions.
  • Remember, damage to a vehicle can be fixed and we want to get you back on the road with minimal disruption to you, so call our team for further assistance.
Submit the Vehicle Incident Report Form (VIRF)
  • Complete the VIRF and email it to the Everything Fleet’s Claims Department.
  • The VIRF may be used as a court document and as such needs to be complete, clear and concise. Use additional pages if required.
  • You must include a diagram and a detailed description including streets/addresses, plus the third-party details as this will speed up the processing of your claim.
  • Please provide copies of all additional information e.g. Police reports, photographs of the scene.
Pay the Damage Liability Fee (DLF)
  • If damage or loss occurs to the Everything Fleet vehicle and/or to the third-party property during the course of your rental period, you are liable for the DLF as specified on the Rental Agreement.
  • This amount represents the maximum figure you will be expected to pay, providing the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement have not been breached. This amount will automatically be charged to your Rental Agreement.
  • If a third-party is involved, the DLF has to be paid, even if there is no damage to the Everything Fleet vehicle.
  • If you do not report the incident involving a third-party property and do not pay the DLF within the specified timeframes, you will not be covered under the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement.
Understand the Timeframes
  • Gathering information from suppliers/repairers/assessors/investigators takes time. Generally Everything Fleet is not in a position to supply you with information about your claim status earlier than 21 business days after you have returned the vehicle.
  • Everything Fleet, along with the third-party insurers will decide on liability and with straightforward cases, this decision can be made early.
  • The providing of third-party details doesn’t always equate to the third-party accepting liability.
  • If liability is disputed or if the third-party is un-contactable, the claim will take longer and in some cases in excess of 12 months.
  • Refunds for Single Vehicle Accidents: should the total costs of the claim be less than the DLF charged, you will receive a refund for the difference, only if no other party and/or property was involved. This process could take up to 30 business days.
  • Refunds for Multi Vehicle Accidents: in the event a third-party is at fault, Everything Fleet will attempt recovery of the total cost of the claim. Everything Fleet is unable to finalise any refund until liability is accepted AND payment is received.  A partial refund may be provided before the claim is completed if the total costs of the claim to all vehicles/property involved is less than the DLF charged.
Claims Related Fees
  • Administration Fees, Credit Card Fees and Airport Surcharges (if applicable) associated with the liability charges on the Rental Agreement are non-refundable.
  • A Claims Handling Fee is charged for the administration of your claim.
  • Vehicle Movement Fees are charged for the relocation of the vehicle to the appropriate repairer. This Fee varies depending on the location of your vehicle.
  • Towing Fees are charged for removing a vehicle from the scene of an accident to and from, a secure compound.
  • Loss of Use Fee is calculated at the daily rate shown in the Rental Agreement. This is the amount of loss due to (i) the vehicle needing repairs; (ii) waiting for the repairs to be completed; (iii) the vehicle being a write off; (iv) the vehicle being stolen and the time Everything Fleet is waiting for it to be replaced.
Claims Department
  • When emailing the Claims Department at Everything Fleet, please record the Rental Agreement Number and the Vehicle Registration in the subject line. Also attach the VIRF that has been filled out by yourself, when reporting the accident.
  • When emailing successive times, please record the Incident Claim Number that has been provided to you by the Claims Department.

If you want less ambiguity, help is never far away. Contact our team who are happy to answer any of the questions you may still have.